Confessions Gone Bad… [TVXQ Fic]

“Kyaaah!”, shouted Jaejoong as a white pillow as large as Changmin’s trunk hits the latter. The yunho in panic tries to contain the beautiful lead singer, patting his shoulders as he begs for calm to overcome both. Junsu and Yoochun both sigh at the sight of the three in a fix, while the witty maknae flashes a smirk, “Oh come on, Jaejoong-hyung. What good will THAT do now?” Once again, Changmin never fails to be a “soulfighter”.

A day of recording has just ended. Jaejoong has just finished preparing hotpot for everyone to enjoy. Their fully-air conditioned room stands to fight against the summer heat of Japan. While the group members gather on the table, the “umma” of the group gives out a smile and brings over the food everyone has been drooling to taste. The utensils have been prepared, and everyone digs in.

“Omo~ Junsu! Nobody’s going to grab your food away from you!”, Yunho points out as he notices his seatmate eat at a rapid speed. Yunho sports a cute face and turns to Yoochun, “As if it’s something new!”, the latter replied in a rather sarcastic tone. Changmin, who eats in silence suddenly, thinks up of an idea. He smirks in silence and flashes a short glance at the members. Junsu, who sips his last spoon, turns to see Changmin’s expressions. With a desperate effort, the maknae shifts to sip some soup to avoid further suspicion. After a short while, everybody else finishes their meals.

After the dishes have been washed by today’s dishwasher, Yunho, everyone goes to their respective beds. At last, the members will be able to get their much needed rest. Everyone starts to do their own stuff; Yunho plays with his Bambi, Junsu reads the bible, Yoochun listening to his ipod for new song ideas, Changmin reads some books while Jaejoong stares at the mirror. Staring side bu side, Changmin drops his book to catch the attention of everyone.

“Hyungs, why don’t we do something fun?”, suggested the witty youngster, as everybody else turns to him. Jaejoong, who is the last one to pay attention asks in rather late reaction, “Aiyaaaah? So what’s the ‘something’?” All eyes are now on the one who suggested, who replies in “as-a-matter-of-fact” tone, “Confessions Game!” Now, the eastern gods are all puzzled. The all-smiles and enthusiastic Junsu finally speaks up, in what Changmin calls as “negative language”, but ends up with nothing to say but, “WOW!”

Changmin explains how the game is going to be executed, “Each of us will have t confess a secret we know about one member. To determine the member, I have cards which represent one member. The Joker is Junsu-hyung, the Ace is me, the Jack is Yoochun-hyung, the King is Yunho-hyung while the Queen is Jaejoong-hyung. Please do not argue with the representations, I am today’s MC, okay?”, he finishes with a smirk.

Everyone frowns but picks up the cards nonetheless. The results are as follows: Changmin got Queen, Yunho got Jack, Junsu got Ace, Yoochun got King and Jaejoong got Joker. Everyone gathers up in a small circle and pray not to be too embarrassed. Yunho begins about his confession about Yoochun.

“Once I caught Yoochun in the dining area alone. He was reading ‘One Piece’ manga and I thought he was just happy that our song got to be its opening song. He was so into it, and after a while, tears came rolling down. He was actually reading the part when young Sanji got stuck in an island with the pirate and had no food”

Everyone was silent. It was after all, a fact that Yoochun was emotional. Yunho flashes a cute disappointed face, like the one he did at “Dangerous Love”.

Junsu goes next, and he is hesitant because he is about to confess about the young soulfighter, as he might get hurt afterwards. He hesitates for more seconds, and finally, he utters, “Pass”.

Everyone completely understands his situation and gives him a chance out of mercy. So Yoochun proceeds.

“Once while I was surfing the internet, I saw this website, a forum about the latest issues about us. I saw the news about Yunho-hyung’s endorsement for EVISU,  and read the fans’ comments below. There was this fan who goes by name “Mrs. JungLove”, who commented so much about that particular article. I checked other posts about Yunho-hyung, and that “Mrs. Junglove” had comments in every article. I checked the profile of this enthusiastic Yun-fan and saw no information”

Everyone listened attentively, while the leader gulps down. He definitely knows this.

“Then one day, I saw Yunho-hyung reading the same articles. Then to my surprise, he began typing on the comment box. He was typing, “Oh~ Oppa is so cool!” and when he pressed the ‘submit’ button, his post read:

“Oh~ Oppa is so cool!”
By: Mrs. JungLove

Changmin reacts, “Omo! Yunho-hyung praises himself in the websites!” With this, the leader turns pale, and everyone laughs and start to hit him with pillows.

After the commotion has submerged, everyone regains composure, whereas Yunho buries his face on the pillow he is embracing (seeing as how he was embarrassed). Now it’s Jaejoong’s turn. He is to confess about the group’s joker, Junsu.

“There was this one time when Junsu was left at home when all four of us went to some Café. We left him at home because he caught coughs and colds and badly needed to rest. I left my phone during that time, since we weren’t going to be long”
Junsu reacted with an “Omo!”, probably, he already knows what his beautiful hyung is talking about. Jaejoong continues anyway.

“when we got back, we found him sleeping. I picked up my phone to check if there were any messages, and to my surprise, it was moving so slow. I checked my phone memory and found it full. But then, I didn’t have that much files in it so I was wondering. I checked the files and saw dozens of new pictures. I then found out that those were Junsu’s pictures, freshly taken minutes ago. And what was even worse, it had pictures of him posing like a model, one with a red ribbon on his hair, some with heart-shaped pins, and the worst- a picture of him kissing our poster, and his lips landed exactly on his face on the poster!”

Everyone looks at Junsu. The second youngest, in the nick of the moment, places his two hands below his chin and does beautiful eyes and starts doing that cute move from “Balloons”. Everyone sighs, as if saying, “Poor Junsu”

Meanwhile, Changmin starts laughing’ “Ha! It’s finally my turn!”, while Jaejoong coughs and everyone curls up in excitement. It’s finally Soulfighter moment.

“I know a lot of secrets about Jaejoong-hyung, but I believe this one will be the best”
Jaejoong suddenly gulps down water.

“Remember how Jaejoong-hyung always takes pictures of us while we are on the bathroom? Then he uses those to blackmail us? Well, there is no need for us to be scared, because I broke the cell phone containing those pictures accidentally before!”

Everyone is in awe, Jaejoong suddenly sweats cold. After a few seconds, everyone shouts “Yay!”, as if they were freed from a dictatorship.

“Wait! I have backup over here!”, says Jaejoong in a desperate tone.

“Oh come on, Jaejoong –hyung. That can’t possibly be true. I have the broken pieces of the phone’s memory here. You couldn’t have possibly copied it”, says Changmin as he holds up the pieces of the scandals.

“Yay! No more eating of extreme super duper mega spicy food!”, exclaimed the leader who bullied earlier. This was followed with the members’ “BANZAI!”, while the maknae smirks happily. Jaejoong, whose government just got thrown over by people power and revealing statement, pouts and threatens the members, “I will have my revenge!”, and grabs a pillow, hits

Changmin with it, who continues to laugh at his hyung’s misery.

Junsu, who was also bullied earlier coughs to get everyone’s attention, “Can I do my confession, now?”, which made the smile on Changmin’s face disappear.

“I just saw this a moment ago while Jaejoong-hyung was doing his confession about me…”
Junsu holds up the Queen card Changmin drew a while ago. Everyone looks in confusion and Junsu flips the card backwards.

“See this?”, pointing to the top right of the card’s back. “There is a little cut on this part,” he adds. “Changmin was the one who thought up of all this game and prepared the cards for us. I believe this cut serves as a mark so he could draw the Queen’s card surely, because he really wanted to confess about Jaejoong-hyung,” he finishes.
All the members glance at Changmin, whose lips look more drooping than ever, eyes wider than before. Beside him is the furious Jaejoong , who suddenly gets up and walks towards the bed and grabs the biggest pillow, as big as Changmin’s trunk. He approaches Changmin and exclaims, “REVENGE!”, and starts hitting the youngest member like there was no tomorrow.

Yunho gets up and tries to calm Jaejoong, while Changmin smirks, “At least I have succeeded in telling your secret!”, Which made Jaejoong more annoyed. Junsu on the other hand, whispered at Yoochun, “Maybe I should have spoken before Changmin? If only I found out earlier…”, in which Yoochun replied with “It’s okay. I guess Changmin did us a favor, too. At least Jaejoong-hyung can’t blackmail us anymore.” The two smiled.

Meanwhile, Jaejoong continues his revenge. “Kyaaah! Bad, Bad, Bad Boy!”

Changmin smiles, “Mission complete!”

The end? Nobody was able to sleep. Soulfighters never give up, right?


One thought on “Confessions Gone Bad… [TVXQ Fic]

  1. Hello there dear BB~! 😀

    Congratulations for this and welcome to livejournal! Haha. ^^
    I’ll read your fics when I have the time…hehehe. Why don’t you try posting it in ‘hug_______’ and ‘dongbangshinki’? They have instructions there on how to post a fanfic (and it can be anything else other than yunjae ^^).

    Hope you enjoy lj! :3

    Vanny ^^

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