Falling Star [TVXQ Reflections]

They would be behind silhouette…she could only look at their images. They would be on the highest stage, she would only be on the far bottom. They would be smiling for everyone, singing for all their admirers, but they can never smile for her alone. Their songs aren’t only for her; she has to savor it with millions of others. She wants to be selfish, but there is actually nothing for her to own. While they are the shining sun, she is but a petite star, still searching for its own sparkle. She wants them, but it can never be…

They have taught her that faith can equal to love. She once believed that it was impossible for a person to fall hopelessly in love with complete strangers. It was a scary deed for her, because they may have just established a face towards their fans, then removing their masks after each performance. She was very much afraid of being fooled, but later on, she figured an important point. Faith is an important ingredient of love.

It once sounded like a joke, the tag line of "Keeping Faith". But now, it sounded like music. Their music appeared a simple obsession of no use to her before, but now, it was like vitamins. Their faces were no less than simple pictures once, but now, their faces were embodiments of passion. The lines that she could not comprehend and read, the emotions she could not feel and the smiles she couldn’t see before, were all very clear to her now. It was a wonder how a group of beautiful boys changed so many things in her in a snap. It remained a wonder, but she felt that there was no need to answer and understand, for a simple beautiful dream need not be analyzed to be enjoyed. Like you need not know what makes up a candy to call it sweet.

She does not know anything about them. she has not seen them and has no way of ever knowing them in person. Yet every second spent looking at plain flat paper that reflects their faces makes her feel like she is actually close to them. But no matter how much joy they have given her, her admiration still ends tragic…

They can never sing for one heart alone. No matter how a star aspires to have its own system, millions of them, or even billions of them should exist. She can never be the five gods’ only petite star. She loves them, but they can never love only her back. What should a petite star who has completely fallen do?

Once again, they have taught her one important thing: to hold on despite the negative things. That a system can only be with life if it has many stars; that a constellation can only exist if there are stars that build it; that they shine because of the many people like her; that she need not have them look at her, for the five gods need everyone to continue shining. That she should not be selfish. All of these- she learned from them.

They would still be on the highest peak, and she would still be at the bottom. They would smile for everyone, and she can continue to smile from a distance. She would not be sad anymore, for deep in her heart, she is very happy, that she is one of the many petite stars, the stars falling for the Eastern Gods, sparkling with the love they give.


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