Kingdom of the East [TVXQ Fic]

A sound of "ding" lingers as the two magnificent golden gates touch each other again after a long time of being apart. The smell of ambrosia can be captured by every creature’s nose; the enchanting melody of the singing of the five gods in the kingdom of the east brings about silence to everyone’s lips. All are on deep attention to their songs, while the audience patiently waits for the gates to reopen. alas, after a few journeys of the stars, the gates part, welcoming every desiring heart. Welcome, to the kingdom of the Eastern Gods…

It takes a full rotation of the Earth to be able to visit all the places within the kingdom. the hallways are ‘mirotic’- meaning maze-like, as coined by one of the five gods. It takes guides called "cassies" to go about within the kingdom. The kingdom is divided into 6 castles, one for each god and one castle which stands in the middle, in which all of the five gods stay together for almost all of their time. Chariots pulled by five horses are used for transportation within the kingdom.

Black luminous bridges are used as passages-decorated with the gods’ portraits together. the sky within is littered with constellations, the most prominent one being the constellation of five stars, called "Cassiopeia". The castles are arranged in a pattern of a lady, which is also the pattern of Cassiopeia. The first stop is the highest castle, one that stands to the left of the castle in the far east, in which where the God of Wisdom keeps his properties. He has deers around his castle, which is one of his favorite creatures.

Upon entrance, there is intellectual ambiance. The castle contains gigantic shelves with books, which is located in the first floor. the second floor houses tables and banquets of different food choices, to support the god’s strong appetite, for he eats 8 meals a day on a regular basis. The topmost floor is where he has his throne, with walls made up of strong glass that can withstand the high pitch of his voice.

the next destination is the castle of the God of Simple Pleasures. This castle has an ambiance of happiness, and is located to the far west. For a simple fact, he is called the God of Simple Pleasures, for he never fails to use his powers to provide all the four gods with simple smiles or sometimes, extreme laughter. his castle is surrounded by a few sheep, a humble animal he likes. The first floor contains tables of food, replaced every hour as this god eats very fast. The second floor consists of a stage, where he does musical performances for the other gods sometimes. The top floor, his throne, is decorated with dolphin wallpapers, to which he is often compared to.

The next castle is the treasure trove of the God of Heart, the emotional god. The ambiance here is full of love and stands right next to the castle of the God of Simple Pleasures, surrounded by the adorable animal, a group of rabbits.The first floor is populated by luminous discs used to contain music, and a wide collection of headgear. The second floor has a variety of musical instruments and score sheets. While the topmost floor’s walls are decorated with songs he and the other gods have written, with one grand piano beside the magnificent bed.

The nest stop is the castle in the far east, filled with an ambiance of authority. This is the territory of the Father of Gods. This castle stands second highest, to the right of the God of Wisdom’s castle. It is surrounded by a few tigers, the fierce animal. Upon entrance, the floor is smooth and easy to walk on, as this god loves to dance. There is gallery of pictures where it is shown that he does charity and a gallery of the other gods’ pictures. the second floor is full of cute stuff animals, where in the middle, littered with limelight, "Bambi", his favorite one, rests. The top floor is decorated with mirrors where he can practice his dances in front of.

The last individual castle is the castle of which is the most vivid.This is the God of Beauty’s oasis. A sight to behold, it stands proud in the middle, a few kilometers behind the main castle. The strong animal, a group of lions, does the welcome to the visitors. A sweet smell and ambiance of elegance is present here. The first floor is a kitchen, with a garden of fruits,vegetables, flowers and an agricultural section where there are different kinds of meat. This is because he loves cooking for the other gods. The second floor is filled with gigantic closets containing his many wardrobes. He also has accessories on display, as well as footwear. It also has a gallery of the other gods’ pictures, as taken by himself. There are also pictures of the different sights with the kingdom. The third floor which houses his throne, is placed in the middle, with silk curtains which make it appear like a core of majesty.

Finally, we can find the gods together in this last, largest castle, the heart of the kingdom, standing high in the middle. This castle shines brighter than the sun, which forces the visitors to wear eye protectors. this is the castle of the Eastern Gods, in where they spend 90% of their time together. They can be found on the top floor, on one large bed where they sleep and constantly have joke times together and of course, sing their wonderful melodies.

Laying like Cleopatra, the God of Beauty lies on the front of the bed, posing like a queen seducing the king. The Father of Gods sits majestic on the far east, advising the other gods to pipe down. The God of Simple Pleasures teases the God of Wisdom, who, with his intellectual power, kills each joke successfully. The God of Heart, on the other hand, lays down with his eyes closed, next to the God of Beauty. Finally, it is time for their melody to be heard, and the gods prepare themselves.

They start to sing, and again, each heart is filled with devotion, "Ao no sora ni, todoku made, I believe, hitotsu no ashita!", the God of beauty sings. The others follow up with "We all share the music, we all share the one dream, we all share the good times, we all share one world!"

The gigantic golden gates once again touch each other, as the melody continues to play. All ears are still at full attention to the fading melody. The Kingdom of the East illuminates, symbolizing that even in the dark, the Gods continue to shine, and will forever be shining….


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