Princes bound by Chains [TVXQ Reflections]

Just a few months ago, he sat on the airplane beside his ever caring best friend. The seats in front of them were occupied by the three noisy members: the youngest who kept on punching his seniors, the gag prince who keeps on getting cracked up and the dandy boy who smiles to no end. Now, he looks at the window, gazing at the sky, watching the flock of birds soar freely together. He couldn’t look the other way, for the person sitting beside him is a total stranger. He carries a heavy heart, but his eyes weigh heavier. It was because of the tears that refrain from falling…

Six long years of being together, never apart even for a moment; waking up each morning seeing nothing but each other’s faces. Singing in one stage, catching each other’s breath, grasping for the same oxygen, sharing the same warm light-bathing in glory together. They have been very dear to each other to the point that one’s despair becomes the sorrow of the four others, the victory of one becomes the triumph of all and the tears of one breaks everyone’s hearts. When one gets sick, their apartment is thrown into chaos. They have indeed been bounded with chains, their hearts tied together with a golden thread.

But it was then they realized that every relationship is tested by time. Their battle for justice and freedom has stretched the golden thread to its full flexibility, hanging on with faith in order not to break. Each of them tries their earnest to keep the bond strong and everlasting. But many factors start to threaten.

But one thing is for sure, despite all of these, chains can never be broken. It can extend to its fullest as long as iron rings add up after one another. The building ingredients are courage and faith. So no matter where one is, their hearts are bound by chains, their hearts padlocked with one another. What the thread cannot protect, chains can grasp. All that is left is not to lose those chains, and continue to add it.

A few months from now, he may be sitting beside the precious leader again, while the three would be there sitting in front of them again, teasing one another. The leader, while sleeping, might start to open his eyes and mouth wide, and as usual, he would put a towel over the sleeping person’s face to avoid being embarrassed. They would be heading to their next concert place, to promote the new collection of melodies they worked so hard together on. They would be planning more to come, stay like that eternally, like princes bound by chains that could never break…

Gods that continue to rise…


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