Our Love Story Showcased at Gawad Kalinga [TVXQ Reflections]

“The fans reflect who their idols are”, so I would like to say. And I’m pretty sure everyone will agree.

This is one of the reasons why I am so proud of who I am right now – a fan, a sister, a lover to my idols, no, I prefer to call them ‘family’… my favorite Quintet – Dong Bang Shin Ki/ Dong Bang Shin Gi as known in South Korea, Tong Vfang Xien Qi in China, Tohoshinki in Japan. They are the Rising Gods of the East, as translated from all the names mentioned before. They are TVXQ.

We – me and my fellow fans, call ourselves “Cassiopeia”, named after a beautiful Greek Mythology figure, a
constellation of five stars, and a constellation that guided/guides lost journeymen to the North. FIVE STARS – Each representing the five members of Dong Bang Shin Ki.
Setting biases aside, CASSIOPEIA isn’t your ordinary fandom. We aren’t just fangirls or fanboys who do nothing but scream in front of our idols’ pictures every minute of our lives. Moreover, WE ARE TRULY IN LOVE. And when I say truly in love, meaning we have gone beyond admiration.

“The fans reflect who their idols are”, and I’m proud to say that, in CASSIOPEIA’s context, WE REALLY DO.
Though our efforts aren’t that much compared to how much these five people, the members of DBSK – Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong/Hero Jaejoong, U-Know Yunho and Choikang/Max Changmin have exerted.

Now, to what this entry is really all about…

It was the 19th day of June, when I woke up 4am in the morning to prepare for my activity of the day. And, no, it wasn’t school related. It was for some love-spreading mission – GAWAD KALINGA, wherein my ‘family’, my fandom – CASSIOPEIA PHILIPPINES, will be donating a Desktop computer and huge quantities of school supplies to one school. The money used to buy these stuff? It came from the earnings when CASSIOPEIA PHILIPPINES held its biggest and grandest so far, 7th Gathering. That gathering was held so that all Cassiopeia around the Philippines can share their tears, joys, sorrow, hopes and faith together, by watching the latest concert of DBSK in the big screen. The money made from this event, as I’ve said before, was used to buy the donations. Needless to say, these donations were born out of our love.

When me and my ‘family’ arrived at the venue, the kids welcomed us with warm smiles. They may not have knowledge of what K-POP is, who Dong Bang Shin Ki is and what kind of LOVE we have for them, But I’m pretty sure that they can feel all of these. We danced with the kids, played with them, laughed with them and gave them lots of hugs! The kids even danced to Dong Bang Shin Ki’s songs on a whim! And of course, we did, too. In the end, lots of pictures were taken, all to commemorate this special event full of love, from us and Dong Bang Shin Ki. Oh, and it was also the birthday of one of the CASSIOPEIA PHILIPPINES’ core members! Such a wonderful way to celebrate her birthday! Happy Birthday again to Ate Kring and we hope we helped make your birthday meaningful and fun!

They say that when you learn to love truly, that is the only time you can give true love to others as well. We have fallen in love with Dong Bang Shin Ki, and this love has gone beyond what others, even us can comprehend. And like how these five amazing stars have changed our lives, we want to help change others’ lives as well. And like how these five amazing stars touched our hearts with their music, we want to touch others’ hearts as well. And like how these five amazing stars LOVE each one of their fans, whether these fans can understand what they’re singing, dancing and saying or not, we want to love everyone, too, whether they criticize us or understand us.

During that day when I saw everyone’s smiles, one thing came into my mind, “What if Dong Bang Shin Ki was here with us? Would they be holding back their tears like what I’m doing right now? Having these tears because of joy and amazement of how much lives they have changed?”

My life was changed so much when I decided to follow them, and now, I am a part of the force who wants to continue changing more lives.

This love is one of the best gifts I have ever received in my life, because this is a gift whose beauty and shine lasts forever, and will forever continue to put millions in awe.

Dong Bang Shin Ki isn’t an ordinary singing group, just as CASSIOPEIA isn’t an ordinary fandom either. I will end this blog here, because I just realized that tears are threatening to fall from my eyes already. But this love story will continue, for eternity, as long as our hearts are beating in tandem with one another.

Because the fans [CASSIOPEIA] not just reflect their idols [Dong Bang Shin Ki]…



4 thoughts on “Our Love Story Showcased at Gawad Kalinga [TVXQ Reflections]

  1. glad you enjoyed the GK ^^
    even though i was a bit sad that i wasn’t able to attend,

    *curses my reports*

    i know that you guys did your best!

    1. Thank you po! Kahit anung event naman po basta with Cassies masaya! Sayang po talaga wala ka po. Madami naghahanap sayo (siyempre kasama kami nila Glyn dun). =D

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