Connecting Hearts [TVXQ Reflections]


Does my heart connect with yours?

Are my feelings the same as yours?
Wanting to exist in the same sky together?
Or would you rather live in another world?
The pain that I’m feeling right now,
Is it stinging you, too?
The tears I shed while I constantly pray every night…
Does it wet your face, too?
The smiles I print my face to make myself look fine,
Do those hurt your lips, too?
The happiness that comes half when I see you,
Does it make you feel incomplete, too?
The longing I feel when I stretch out my arms,
Does it make your nights cold, too?

We are both caught in this maze, asking the same questions to each other.
We are both in doubt when the future will show us our bright sun.
We are both travelling on this road, which we cannot see the end.
We are both crying, but with shaking hands to wipe it out.
We are both caught in regret, asking why such things have even happened.
We are both searching for answers, to questions we ourselves made.

We both don’t know how long we can hold on…
We both don’t have an idea how the world sees us…
We both can’t tell which are lies and which are not…
We both don’t have a notion of how we will continue to fight…

With all these questions and feelings,
How can we reach each other?
I will ask all of these questions again.
And if you answer NO,
Then I will stop and move on.
But if you answer YES,
Then I will stay.
Because as long as we feel the same way,
I can continue.
Because as long as our promises of “eternal togetherness” are kept within our hearts…
I can trust.
Because as long as we are on the same universe…
I can endure.
Because as long as we run towards the same dream, seek for the same happiness…
We can be ONE.

Because as long as TVXQ is there…


2 thoughts on “Connecting Hearts [TVXQ Reflections]

  1. just as long we’re looking at the same starry sky,
    they’ll be up there, shining with their all,
    and we’ll be here giving our all for them.

    i love what you wrote dear.

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