I’m Keeping The Faith, Are You? [TVXQ Reflections]


When keeping the faith has driven one to the point where they hurt themselves,
Some give up.
When waiting has become a torture to one,
Some give up.
When rumors and lies plague one’s mind,
Some give up.
When hurtful comments devour one’s patience,
Some give up.
When every step and decision makes the heart heavy,
Some give up.

Those some and us who choose the other way – WE ARE DIFFERENT.

When they’d rather not see,
We’d watch with eyes fully open.
When they’d rather not cry anymore,
We’d pour all tears.
When they’d rather not know,
We’d absorb every bit of information.
When they’d rather not feel pain,
We’d suffer together.
When they’d rather go to another,
We’d stick together.
When they’d rather not hear,
We’d listen still.
When they’d rather not look,
We’d gaze.
When they’d rather hate,
We’d understand.
When they’d rather say, “Thanks for the memories”,
We’d say, “Let us make more memories together”.
When they’d rather say, “Goodbye”,
We’d say, “We’re here”.

We’re not saying we know better. But we know something else. No one is at fault, but it was never a fault that we chose to do this. We’re not saying we’re truer that they would ever be, but we chose to do what is true to our hearts. We’re not saying only us can define “FAITH”, but only us can UPHOLD “FAITH”.

As for me…

I’d rather not fool myself saying I’m not hurt. But I’d be more of a fool to say I’d want to cover my eyes. I’d never say I don’t doubt. I do. We do. Everyone does. It’s all a part of this battle. What is wrong is that if you choose to let it control you. I’d not deny I want to run away, but I would never let my feet decide for me. I’d never lie that at times I falter. I sway a lot. But I’d never let the wind take me to places I detest. I’d not lie that I cry most of the time. But I’d rather not let these command my decisions. After all, no matter how tired, wet, shaking these hands are, I can always use them to wipe my tears away.
This is how I do it.

I’m sorry about this. I just needed to speak my heart out. I was deeply cut by some words. It needed to heal so I can go on.


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