Dong Bang Shin Ki [TVXQ Reflections]

 A combination of chocolate abs, striking muscles, smooth hair, luscious lips, silk skin, *okay, I haven’t touched them yet, but yeah, I believe it’s silky smooth*, sexy moves, killer smiles, dorky moments, skinship, childish jokes, NGs, supreme bonding, togetherness, friendship, family, love, music, passion, FAITH and heavenly voices to make you have a glimpse of heaven, yes- that is DONG BANG SHIN KI. Yes, it’s that South Korean Quintet who people say have disbanded (What?!!!!!!!! Take that back you freak! D=<), but you know what? I’d kill the people who say that! >=(

As five they can make you sing, "There are so many smiles and te-ars!", make you scream "RISE UPPPPPPPP!", make you go "HA HA HA- AH -AH", make you squeal as they seduce you with "UNDER MY SKIN" and make you cry with "More than the air I breathe…."

But as individuals, they can make you tear up with, "Fly Away, Fly Away, Love….", make you energetic with "sexy beautiful", blush while hearing "You are my girlfriend", drool with "Kiss and Touch me" and get wild with "Get wild, shakin’ my soul…"

A complete package that can make you forget wiping that Pearl Red blood dripping from your noses, make you cry just hearing the five’s voices, make your eyes glued to the to the computer, suffer insomnia for thinking, "What the hell, what will happen now?", worry every minute for their welfare and tell yourself it’s love. Most of all, make you realize your life has indeed changed.

Five men whose hotness can make your world suffer from global warming. Five men whose tears you wouldn’t hesitate to collect. Five men whose sweat you’d die to wipe off. Five men whose NGs would make you laugh for days. Five men whose photos can make you got to heaven as many times as you get to see the photos. Five men who can make you suffer from anemia as you continuously lose red blood cells as you assume their photos looking at you. Five men whose dramas, whether it be individual or group, raise ratings to nobody knows and hows. Five men whose smell you’d crave for like you crave for that chocolate cake. Five men whose dorky faces you’d be proud to talk about. Five men whose clothes you’d evilly rip off someday *someday when you get the chance? XD* Five men whose dances you’d be frustrated to learn. Five men who can stretch your throat until you hit those high notes from "Tonight". Five men who influenced even your way of typing, make you redundant *like you always type love five times because DBSK is five, five, five, five, five!* and even your expression *like, Oh My God Sun?!*

Five men who innocently turn your mood from being funny to being emo…*ehem, here goes*….

Five men whose lives you never thought were like that – that you’d only seen in dramas before. Five men who proved how enchanting five male voices combined together make the perfect harmony. Five men whose nature is imperfect, but seeing them there on stage, singing the sweetest songs that even the stars would stop to listen to, completes their being and take them to perfection. Five men whose moments together can be called one of the universe’ wonders. Five men whose names would be forever sketched on one’s hearts once you get involved deeper.
Five men who taught you how to shed tears, express your emotions to the fullest and appreciate life’s simple, yet priceless moments. Five men who literally stop time whenever they step on stage. Five men who taught you that no matter how far, there is only one sky which we all look up to. Five men who proved to the world that one can never be far away from each other. Five men who broke down the boundaries between races, genders, ages and capabilities. Five men who taught you to believe in miracles, and that these miracles can turn to reality as long as you believe. Five men who made your heart beat, making you feel your humanity. Five men who taught you FAITH. Five men you’d never forget even if the universe itself disappears.

Five men you’d hold on to as you hold on to your life…

This is Dong Bang Shin Ki/Tong Vfang Xien Qi/Tohoshinki/Rising Gods of the East.
Kim Jaejoong. Jung Yunho. Park Yoochun. Kim Junsu. Shim Changmin.
Five men under one name, one passion, one dream, one destiny…



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