A Letter To Our Five Brightest Stars

 To Our Five Brightest Stars…

Destined For Each Other, Destined For Me…

That is how I wish to describe your meeting, and ours too…

It’s been a magical year for me.

I don’t know why, but time has flown so much that I can’t remember how I was before you came into my life. How I spent each day without the knowledge that people like the five of you exist, that music as beautiful as yours could be heard and that singers like you could be called family by people like us who could normally only adore you from afar. It’s weird isn’t it? I’m even writing a letter to you like my hands themselves can hand it to you personally. I can only hand them to you in my dreams, but you have so much become a part of my life that even my dreams – I treat them as a part of reality.

Let’s see. Though I can’t remember how I was like before, I can picture out how I would have been now if by any hell’s doing I didn’t discover you. First of all, of course, I wouldn’t be writing this letter to you. I would have been just staring blankly at whatever TV show that catches my interest for like, a few seconds? And after that interest has been extinguished, probably look for another and the same routine happens over and over again. Hmmm. I would probably be sleepy after that and snooze and just ask my mom to wake me up at midnight, for no apparent reason, no maybe just to greet people. That’s how boring it would have been. My mom always told me that I make my life miserable. Yes, I was indeed that miserable. Then I would probably chomp on every food on the table and go to sleep again. Not very exciting isn’t it? I suddenly remembered Jaejoong-oppa’s twitpic on the 24th – you were staring on the window alone. The only difference would be, many people tweeted their concerns for you. Heck if it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have a twitter account. Haha.

Enough of that. Before I tell you corny stuff about how much I love you as five, I would like to express how much I love each of you first.

First up, my Heavenly-Voiced Prince with Goddess-like Beauty, Jaejoong-oppa.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you, that you were the first man with the most beautiful features I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t usually like looking at men *yes, I was kind of a man-hater before you five came into my life*, but when I saw you, I knew I’d love staring at you every second of my life. And when I finally heard you sing “You’re My Melody” *which was the second DBSK song I heard, next to Mirotic*, Ahhh~ I saw a glimpse of heaven. I’ve heard so many songs during the span of eighteen years in my life, but I’ve never heard a voice like yours before. I’m sure even the angels stop to listen at you.

What I especially love about you is your personality. I’m pretty sure there’s only one person with a personality like yours in the universe. You can be very caring, very caressing, very mother-like, very responsible and adorable *aDORKable* towards your members, but at the same time, you can be very manly! I love how you always look after your members, not because you’re the eldest, but because you love them truly like your own family. You always show your love for them in any means possible, keeping lots of pictures of them and even tattooing them to your body. You always stay strong for them, even if people will think that you are cold. You values us fans, treating each of us your goddesses/queens/princesses, looking at each of us while you sing. Your voice is the melody that gives life to every living thing in this world and completes the perfection of five voices. Your passion is overwhelming and you showed me that dreams can indeed come true and that miracles are born from one’s faith.You are DBSK’s God of Beauty, beautiful from the outside and much more beautiful on the inside. A hug and smooch for you! 😀

Next up, Majestic Dance Floor King, Yunho-oppa A.K.A Leader-sshi

The first time I saw you, I had the impression that you were the most serious member of DBSK. I noticed you first on Mirotic *which was the first song of DBSK I discovered* and you produced a very majestic aura like you always had everything in control. I felt that you were the group’s superman. You were actually the type of man I’d love to be my brother, because I would feel protected under your care. And when I saw you warm up that dance floor, I had to pick my jaws on the floor – you are…AMAZING. I feel like I could move, too *although I’m quite a failure when it comes to dancing*.

What I love about you is that you always hold on to your responsibilities. No matter what, you would always protect your members, from mistakes, from people who want to hurt them, from the selfish hands of some people. You would always take your leadership to heart, not because you have to, but because you want to. You truly cherish DBSK, and you always lead them with pride, because of all people, you know their potentials very well. You are DBSK’s King of the Gods, always doing what is for the better and for the benefit of many. A hug and smooch for you! 😀

Next up, The Master of Emotions With Those Sparkling Eyes, Yoochun-oppa!

You share the same passion with me, that is, to write emotions. The only difference is – you channel them through songs, I channel mine through stories and essays. That is why however you feel at a certain situation, I can understand. I fully know that out of the DBSK members, you are the one who match personalities with mine like a ball is to a socket. Whenever I hear you sing, my heart jumps and seemingly try to escape from my chest. You have such a smooth voice that can make every heart swoon with love.

What I love the most about you is that you are very transparent with your feelings. Whether it be negative or positive, you are not ashamed to show how you really feel. I like that better because I want to share your joys and pain. I always appreciate your works of art, because I know and I can see that it talks about you. You never fail to send your messages to us fans and even to your members. Whenever you do so, I feel as though we can reach each other well. You are DBSK’s God of Heart, always giving us your heart so that we could beat as one. A hug and a smooch for you. 😀

Next up, Sunny Day All Smiles Dolphin, Junsu-oppa!

A person who can both enchant with his voice and rock the dance floor – that is the music himself, You, Junsu-oppa! Whenever I see you dance and sing at the same time, I can always feel the extreme passion reverberating from you. Whenever every inch of your body moves, my heart jumps and whenever you sing those notes, my heart sways.

What I especially love about you is your smile. It is something that never fails to cheer me up even during the times I cry. Your smile always tells me that I should try to move away my misery and smile even at life’s burdens, because you yourself do so. You always help your members forget every trouble or pain by making them laugh at life’s simple pleasures and you always succeed in doing so. You are the once who always creates the good atmosphere, and it’s because of you that DBSK is able to pull through painful situations. You play the very important role of being the charisma of the group, and your smile is indeed your most powerful charm. You’re simplicity is much more elegant than any expensive gem, you’re not very flashy but you always stand out. You a precious treasure to every one of us, and we’ll keep watching you as you soar more. DBSK knows very well that it isn’t complete with their favorite dolphin! You are DBSK’s God of Simple Pleasures, always reminding us that no matter how high one has soared to, it is always the simple things in life that can bring true happiness. A hug and smooch for you! 😀

Last, but never the least, The Wise Emperor A.K.A The Force, Changmin-oppa!

“OMG, How does he do that?” – my expression whenever you hit those high notes. There is definitely only one Choikang, and that is you, Changmin-oppa! In my entire life I have never seen anyone with very powerful vocals like yours! You are truly a masterpiece! When you stand on stage, you produce a very intimidating aura that makes everyone watch you. Whenever you start performing, I can’t help but always ask how such performance by you is done. And though youngest, you prove to be the “The Force” that no one would like to mess with!

I always admire your maturity. You don’t depend on anyone for your views and that influences your hyungs to do the same,too. Though most of the time you do things for yourself, you don’t completely isolate yourself. It is your wide understanding and wisdom that enables you to deal with lots of type of people and enjoy with them. You are a very unique person as well because you are 4th dimensional, always thinking out of the box. Very precise and straightforward, you always watch your actions and you always help people get better. You are very essential brother to your hyungs who sometimes lose themselves while enjoying. 😛 You are DBSK’s God of Wisdom, you always hit accurately and never fail to perfect everything you do. And it’s that power of yours that complete DBSK. A hug and smooch for you! 😀

And now that I’ve said my letters to each of you. I will quote this paragraph from one of my blogs as a letter to all of you. 

“Five men whose lives you never thought were like that – that you’d only seen in dramas before. Five men who proved how enchanting five male voices combined together make the perfect harmony. Five men whose nature is imperfect, but seeing them there on stage, singing the sweetest songs that even the stars would stop to listen to, completes their being and take them to perfection. Five men whose moments together can be called one of the universe’ wonders. Five men whose names would be forever sketched on one’s hearts once you get involved deeper.

Five men who taught you how to shed tears, express your emotions to the fullest and appreciate life’s simple, yet priceless moments. Five men who literally stop time whenever they step on stage. Five men who taught you that no matter how far, there is only one sky which we all look up to. Five men who proved to the world that one can never be far away from each other. Five men who broke down the boundaries between races, genders, ages and capabilities. Five men who taught you to believe in miracles, and that these miracles can turn to reality as long as you believe. Five men who made your heart beat, making you feel your humanity. Five men who taught you FAITH. Five men you’d never forget even if the universe itself disappears.

Five men you’d hold on to as you hold on to your life…

This is Dong Bang Shin Ki/Tong Vfang Xien Qi/Tohoshinki/Rising Gods of the East.
Kim Jaejoong. Jung Yunho. Park Yoochun. Kim Junsu. Shim Changmin.

Five men under one name, one passion, one dream, one destiny…”

Thank you very much, oppas! This letter has gotten so long! Happy New Year to the five of you and of course, let’s wish for all the problems to be solved this coming 2011! I love you lots!
Always Keep The Faith~

Lovingly Yours,
Angel, a fan, sister and lover~ 


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