DBSK is about…. [TVXQ Reflections]

Dong Bang Shin Ki : Rising Gods of the East, Powerful vocals, Enchanting melodies, Heartwarming ballads, Perfect Harmony, Amazing moves, Handsome features, Chart-topping hits, Platinum and Gold albums and singles, Record-breaking songs, jaw-dropping sales figures…

There are millions of things people can define these five men with.

In the eyes of music critics, they are HALLYU STARS.

In the eyes of fellow singers, they are BENCHMARKS.
In the eyes of other fans, they may be a COMPETITION to their idols or PRECIOUS SUNBAEs/ HOOBAEs to their idols.

In the eyes of their families, they are SONS, BROTHERS.

In the eyes of people who know them personally, they are FRIENDS.

In the eyes of CASSIOPEIA, they are LOVERS and BESTFRIENDS.

In the eyes of each other, they are FAMILY.

Dong Bang Shin Ki is more than being “Gods” rising from the east…
They are five men who show the world the beauty of the eastern music.

Dong Bang Shin Ki is more than powerful vocals…
For beyond these powerful vocals lies a force of determination so powerful that is reflected on their voices.

Dong Bang Shin Ki is more than enchanting melodies…
These are manifestations of a heartwarming passion for music all five of them have combined to create an enchanting harmony.

Dong Bang Shin Ki isn’t just about heartwarming ballads…
For they are able to bring such because of an overflowing love for their fans and for all the people special to them and watching them constantly.

Dong Bang Shin Ki isn’t just about the perfect harmony…
It’s about the friendship and the brotherhood all five members have for each other that makes their voices so perfect together.

Dong Bang Shin Ki isn’t about powerful moves…
They move powerfully because they want their audience to keep their eyes on them and feel the wave of their excitement whenever they’re on stage.
Dong Bang Shin Ki isn’t popular just because of their handsome features…
Because more than what the eyes can see, is something the eyes of the heart can see better — the beautiful, handsome, down-to-earth personalities these five men possess.
Dong Bang Shin Ki isn’t about Chart-topping hits…
It’s the mark their songs and they themselves leave on the minds and hearts of many.
Dong Bang Shin Ki isn’t about Platinum and Gold Albums and Singles…
It’s more about the immortality of their creations.
Dong Bang Shin Ki isn’t about the Record-Breaking Songs…
It’s about the new legends they create.
Dong Bang Shin Ki isn’t about the Jaw-Dropping Sales Figures…
It’s more about the overwhelming quantity and quality of love and support they receive all over the globe.
Dong Bang Shin Ki’s story can be told in many ways. But their real story must be told from the heart, not from what the mind knows. It must be written with love and pride.



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