Higher and Higher! (An 8G: the Carnival Fanaccount/ Diary Entry)


Once in a lifetime we find something that changes us for the rest of our lives…

If it works and does us good, it stays.

And if stays, it takes us to a whole new level for almost every day of our lives. We learn a lot of things and experience a lot of things.

And these serve as scrapbook entries that are immortalized through rooms on our hearts and marks on our memories.

And definitely, as a Cassiopeia, gatherings are one of the various things that strengthen our hold on to our passion (for the five men of Dong Bang Shin Ki as well as for our newfound family on the ocean of Pearl Red).

If the previous gatherings were labeled as “amazing”, “passionate”, “great”…

Then we have a new label to add with the coming of the 8G: The Carnival! It’s called “Epic”!

A higher level of excitement…

Taking the Bleeding of Pearl Red and Keeping The Faith to another height!




And if 8G: The Carnival’s leveling up wasn’t enough to pump me up, my leveling up from a simple and newbie fan to a CassPH volunteer did the job “n” times!

A month before the “EPIC” event  was announced, CassPH Core members told me (as well as four of my closest friends) that we were to become volunteers for the upcoming event. I know you guys can imagine how happy I was (since it is every fan’s dream to do something for the love of their idols and their fandoms). And so, we started working on the event happily!


A few weeks before the official announcement came, me, Gielyn and Kuya JP started working on our assigned task: the Dong Bang Spin Ki (Wheel of Fortune, Dong Bang Style). I won’t elaborate on that, I mean preparing the stuff, but here is the finished booth at the 8G:


At the day of the event, this was given to me:



The event started late but it was ok. I was overwhelmed with the number of attendees. At first, the Cassies payed attention on the stage as they reminisced the previous gathering, “7G: Always Keep The Faith” with the screening of Tohoshinki’s 4th Live Tour: “The Secret Code ~Final in Tokyo Dome” (only a few parts were shown because this part was only an introduction or if you put in on a Teledrama kind of way, “what happened last episode”). After a few minutes, everyone started roaming around to check out the different booths, one being ours. My closest friends were our booth’s first customers. I was very thankful to them because they were the ones who brought all the customers (they were very excited playing the game which resulted into squeals and screams :D). And then, our day officially began.




Since the gathering took on the concept of a carnival, a lot of activities and games we loved as children were revamped, Dong Bang Shin Ki Style. You guys already know that the booth I was in: Dong Bang Spin Ki. It’s a wheel of fortune/spin-a-wheel game in which the participants have to place their bets on a number. We placed six cardboards on our table, each with the boys’ favourite numbers (e.g. Jaejoong = 33). After everyone has placed their bets, we spin the wheel. If you happen to be standing in front of the number which the wheel has chosen, you get to choose a photocard as a prize. The fee was only 5PHP so some people weren’t giving up the game. Some spent nearly a hundred bucks and kept the faith by forever betting on their bias’ favourite number, which brought laughter to everyone near us.

There was also the Wrong Number Quiz Booth which tested the Cassies’ knowledge (and stalking skills); The Five In The Black Booth, which challenged the participants to hit only the black areas on the dart board; The Darkness Eyes Tarot Card Reading, where the boys and girls had their fortunes read. (I bet some asked if their future spouses would be like any DBSK member XD)


Photo Credits: Ate Joanne


Astroplus and Oddyssey were also there as sponsors and for the launching of Tohoshinki’s Complete A- Side and B-Side albums, a must have for every True-Blooded Cassiopeia. It features the legend the boys have done in Japan, a complete collection of all their singles. The A-Side albums contains tracks from “Hug International Version” and “Stay With Me Tonight” to the heartbreaking “Toki Wo Tomete” (Stop Time). The B-Side contains all the side tracks of the A-Side songs. The A-Side album is priced at 800PHP while the B-Side is priced at 400PHP. Those who bought both albums got to have one big poster and a memo pad as freebies.

“Keep Your Head Down” album with the complete special freebies (a group poster, a Yunho Poster and Photocard, a Changmin poster and Photocard) was also available. 


Photo Credits: Ate Joanne


The CassPH Merchandise Booth was also packed with many people. Ballers, T-shirts, Lanyards as well as Tohoshinki and Cassiopeia chocolate bars were sold there. Cassies who wanted to have their membership cards and registered as official members made their way to the CassPH Membership Booth.

There were also a set of Dong Bang Standees placed near a couch for the CassPH Photobooth *insert fangirl squeal*.

Let’s proceed to what happened on the stage.

The program was hosted by Ms. Kring Elenzano and CassPH’s very own, Mr. Ron Gilbert Lita.

The winners for the contests like “Ang Gintong Itlog ni Junsu” (a fansubbing contest) and “Return of the King” Scavenger Hunt were announced.  Oh boy, were they lucky. Some got to go home with standees! *insert envious look here*. There was also the “Sail The Red Ocean”, which required the participants to fill in charts with stamps from the activity booths. Winners were raffled and got to take home the 15 ft. streamers! *insert another envious look here*

Photo Credits: Ate Joanne


Games like “Poya o Premyo” (Pera o Bayong) and “Pahabaan ng Dong Bang” (Longest Line) were also enjoyed by the audience.

There were also SPECIAL guests! XDDDDD *Junsu in a skirt OMG*

Photo Credits: Ate Joanne

As well as guest performers. (Sorry I wasn’t able to put up the others)

These are two of the groups that performed: 5CL + TVXQute Performed "Rising Sun"; 5CL performed "Mirotic", "Keep Your Head Down" and "Before U Go". Other groups like Always Keep The Faith, MFINIGO and Chibi-XQ were also there. 😀

Photo Credits: Erika Paulino and Most Wanted Hits Magazine




Before the event was even announced, my feelings were on its highest level of thanks and excitement. To be chosen as a volunteer out of many Pinay/Pinoy Cassies who joined the fandom years ahead of me is truly a miracle for someone like me who only got to know the boys and the Red Ocean Family only a year ago. Before my tears fall now, I need to finish this fanccount/diary.

Towards the end of the event, some videos of DBSK’s performances were played. The “Hug” MV appeared on screen and for me, this was the best part of the event. I know and hell I know that we’ve watched it a thousand times already. But really there was something. As soon as it appeared on screen, hundreds of Cassies altogether screamed and literally shook the whole hall. (literally, really, I could feel the shakes of the venue itself :O). Some I saw, were already crying, some shouted like how some would in a concert, I could also hear shouts of “I miss them” on the crowd. I caught myself, holding back my tears, but later on found myself shouting, “I miss you sfm, you five men!”

The other videos played were the EPIC “MKMF 2008”, “Hey! Don’t Bring Me Down”, “Are You a Good Girl?’ performances (I missed some, err). The hall was filled with cheers and fangirl squeals.

Slowly, the venue was being emptied. I watched how the excited Cassies hours ago were now leaving as “fulfilled but wanting more” Cassies. I felt the same, too. I really, really, really, really, really wanted that day to go on forever. Nothing truly beats a day with your second family.

Tears finally showed themselves as a realization came to me. Something I already know even before but really brought a different feeling upon seeing with your own eyes: CASSIOPEIA PHILIPPINES IS VERY MUCH ALIVE, KICKING, PASSIONATE, DEVOTED AND UNITED.

Like every Cassie out there, I am very much looking forward to the next gathering, of course, because of you, Cassiopeia Philippines peeps. I am truly thankful for everything that has happened to me since day 1 of being part of this family. Cassiopeia Philippines is really, really taking me to a higher and higher level, of being a fan and being a person. Let us seek out more heights together with each other, forever! And before I become cheesier and turn this fanccount/diary into a novel and a love story, I end it now with these words:  WE HAVE DEFINITELY GONE MILES TOGETHER. WE ARE TRULY TURNING INTO A STARS, ONES THAT SHINE TO LEAD THE WAY FOR OTHERS TO HOLD ON TO HOPE THAT SOMEDAY, EVERYTHING WILL BE OK. WE ARE KEEPING THE FAITH.

 Photos used for this entry can be found here:











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