From A Little Bit of Good to Too Good: When the Bad Girl learns to L.O.V.E~  I’m Back with a Love Like This~

I’ve been wanting to write about my other KPOP interests for a very long time now, since most of the pieces I write are either about Dong Bang Shin Ki and Cassiopeia (which by the way, I’m excluding from this post since my love for them is on an extremely higher level, in short, deserve to be on an independent post).

As one can see on my journal, 99.99% of my posts are about my second family, which is the Dong Bang Shin Ki & Cassiopeia family. So, basically, this is my first time writing about the other artists I like. Just like the title says, I didn’t like KPOP that much before, I only listened to DBSK/TVXQ/THSK songs. But of course, as many KPOP fans would say, their love for their favorite artists/group has led them to discover their [KOREAN] culture as well. And that includes the whole entertainment industry. And so, I tried listening to other artists as well, starting with the SMTOWN family. And the rest is history.

So, here goes.


(From left to right – Kim Bokyung a.k.a Stephanie, Jin Bora a.k.a
Sunday, Lee Jiyeon a.k.a Lina and Hong Sungmi a.k.a Dana

Cheon Sang Ji Hee: The Grace (also known as Tenjochiki) was probably the best treasures (next to Dong Bang Shin Ki, of course) I discovered in KPOP. It was actually no wonder, because The Grace is Dong Bang Shin Ki’s female counterpart, and like Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin, Stephanie, Sunday, Lina and Dana can also pull out vocals that are too good to be true, render harmonious acapella songs, bust some moves and bring some laughs and tears of you. I actually consider myself as a die-hard fan, a Shapley (which by the way, like Cassiopeia, is a heavenly body, though not a constellation, but a megacluster of stars).

The Apple of My Eye: Sunday (Jin Bora)

Official Fanclub: Shapley

Official Color: Pearl Pink (oh, very close to Cassiopeia’s Pearl Red :3)

Now Playing: “Boomerang” for Korean song, “Sukoshii de Ii Kara” for Japanese.



(From left to right, Top row: Yoon Doo Joon, Yang Yoseob,
Sohn Dongwoon, Yong Junhyung; Center: Jang Hyungseung;
Bottom, extreme right: Lee Gi Kwang)

B2ST or BEAST (they changed their name from “Boys 2 Search For Top” to “Boys Of The East Standing Tall, hence the two stylizations), is probably one of the new groups that has a great potential (they’ve actually proven that potential, by winning some awards) and the only new group that I like. BEAST is composed of 6 members, among one of them was actually a former solo artist. I find BEAST very likeable, all members can sing, 2 of them really sing well, they can strut some cool moves, plus some members are really close to some Dong Bang Shin Ki members (I must say, it’s one of the qualifications for me to like a group! They must love DBSK, too XD) And of course, I enjoy listening to their songs. Though I don’t consider myself a true-blooded B2UTY.

The Apple of My Eye: Lee Gi Kwang (was formerly Ace Jr./ AJ , when he was still a solo artist)

Official Fanclub: B2UTY (pronounced as “Beauty”, reminds you of Beauty and the Beast)

Official Fanclub Color: Navy Blue

Now Playing: “Bad Girl” and “Fiction”



(From Left to Right: Kim Hyo Jin a.k.a JeA, Park Hyo Jin a.k.a Narsha
Jo Mi Hye a.k.a Miryo and Son Ga In a.k.a Ga In)

Here are another femme fatales,  Brown Eyed Girls is another treasure in the industry. JeA, Narsha, Ga In and Miryo are no joke at all! These women can hit really high notes, swing some hips and be aDorKable at the same time. Brown Eyed Girls debuted almost the same time as Cheon Sang Ji Hee the Grace, which is one of the reasons why I like them. I personally think that what sets B.E.G apart is the fact they have their own genre. They don’t really have a lot of bubbly songs and dance hits, but you can find in them songs that you don’t usually hear from KPOP idols. Their array of jazz, blues and ballads is definitely a breath of fresh air.

The Apple of My Eye: currently torn between JeA and Narsha

Official Fanclub: Everlastings

Official Fanclub Color: I don’t know if they have one

Now Playing: “L.O.V.E” and “Today, We Will Fly”



Lee Hyori is the only solo artist I actually like. Hyori, aside from being a former member of a legendary girl group known as Fin K.L and being known as the highest paid female artist, is hailed the Queen of KPOP. It can also be said that she’s actually the female counterpart of Rain/Bi. Hyori is known for her unique personality – sexy and badass, but overly aDorKable and funny, plus she’s an animal rights advocate!

Official Fanclub: Some call themselves still Finkish (fans of Fin K.L) since she’s the only one left active in the music industry, some call themselves Hyorish (named after her 2nd album, “It’s Hyorish")

Official Fanclub Color: Not sure about the shade, but it’s definitely Red.

Now Playing: “10 Minutes” and “I’m Back”



(From Left to Right, Top Row: Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Kyu Jong, Heo
Youngsaeng; Bottom Row: Park Jungmin, Kim Hyung Jun)

SS501 (Superstar Singers 5 as 1) is another male group with astounding vocals, and the group where Dong Bang Shin Ki Jaejoong’s BFF Kim Hyun Joong is a member of. SS501’s ballads are really sweet, definitely a must-listen-to if one’s looking for a group who can pull off beautiful vocals UNPLUGGED. I like SS501 because somehow, their genre is a bit close to that of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s plus they’re another veteran in the industry. Their harmonization is also another plus factor.

The Apple of My Eye: currently torn between Kim Hyung Jun and Park Jungmin

Official Fanclub: Triple S (Super Star Supporters)

Official Fanclub Color: Green

Now Playing: “Love Like This” and “Let Me Be The One”





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