We Keep The Faith Alive and Kickin’ [A Philippine KPOP CONVENTION 3 Fanaccount/Diary]

Days before…

It was that time of the year again.
The day started early for me, heck the day started months before d-day. I was one of the ones in-charge of the Cassiopeia Philippines’ booth for the 3RD Annual Philippine KPOP Convention, along with my loves – Gielyn, Danielle and Ate Kay Anne. Of course, a big event such as that needed enormous preparations. So months before (even before the actual date of the event was finalized), we went head on with the pressure and work (which we call, LABOR OF LOVE).
The decided theme for the booth was “Tone In Heaven” in celebration of the success of JYJ’s “In Heaven” album and Yunho and Changmin’s “Tone” album. Like the play on the name, it was also for the benefit of uniting the fandom and to assure everyone that Cassiopeia Philippines remained true to its roots – to support all FIVE members, whether they walk one path together or go separate ways for now or for now (LOL). Nerve-wrecking brainstorming, scissors here and there, buy stuff here and there, print this and that and meetings every now and then were our best friends. Ironically, no one felt exhaustion – instead, the four of us were full of happiness and gratitude. After all, we all wanted this. We all wanted to “labor for love”.

The day itself….

Everyone’s day started really early. As for me, the nervousness crept on my nerves so I woke up early. I had two missions for the day: as a flashmobber, to love and dance TVXQ (get it?) and of course as a CassPh staff trainee, make sure the booth was successful. The hours passed by so fast even though the venue could not hold the awesomeness that was the Filipino KPOP Community, complaints here and there about the atmosphere of the place, but shouts of extreme excitement and happiness as everyone witnessed how unity between KPOP fans blossomed. Staying true to the tradition, the flashmob happened at 12:26, the same figures that symbolized TVXQ’s debut date.
But perhaps the best part of the event was when CassPh won 3 awards: Kim Jaejoong took home the “Hottest Male Idol” award for the second time, Yunho ang Changmin’s “Why? Keep Your Head Down” won as the “Song of The Year” and the biggest prize, Cassiopeia Philippines as “Globe’s KPOP Fanclub Of The Year”.

When Kuya Ron, Danielle, Gielyn, Marz, Ate Marj and I came down from the stage with the standees (because we brought them there to receive their awards) I could not hold my tears anymore. I have always been a crybaby, but it was a precious moment so I believe it was only natural that we shed tears. The awards did not only mean trophies and rewards for us, it was more about assuring ourselves that we have to keep fighting to preserve TVXQ’s glory, and show the world that our red ocean family was not only about fangirling – it was about friendship and passion.
I’ve said this multiple times already, but Cassiopeia Philippines has already been our source of faith renewal. It has become one of the strongest reasons why I’m still here. I’m not afraid to say that if not for Cassiopeia Philippines, my faith to all FIVE members might have disappeared, if not weakened, a long time ago. It was mainly because we drew strength from each other.
I will cut my sentiments here. Tears are welling up again on my eyes this very moment.

Days after…

The moments are still very much fresh.
Do you know how it feels when you go up the stage with the people you call “home” while dancing, singing, laughing – proudly saying that you have triumphed amidst all the adversaries and the constant attempts to separate and shatter that bond you treasure the most? The feelings are still very much fresh here in my heart, and I’m pretty sure on everyone who was there with us.
One thing is certain, Cassiopeia Philippines keep the faith alive and kickin’.


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