To the beautiful you, CASSIOPEIA…

Dear Cassiopeia,

Happy Birthday! *throws confetti*

How long has it been? Honestly, I cannot tell. Because I wasn’t there yet when you were born. Unfortunately, I was wasting my life away during the time you first received your name. But before I sulk in the corner and fill myself with regrets and shame, I want deliver this letter to you.

The past three years have been very hard on you. From the first time you heard about that “lawsuit” thing, up to now, when five of your most favorite men do concerts as 2 and 3. It must be very hard, isn’t it? Back then, when you were still young, you only shone your light for five. Although now you still do, but they’re not together for now, so you have to shine for the three and shine again for the two, in order to still support all five.

But that’s not the hardest part. You don’t have that much problems with supporting two subgroups. The real problems and heartbreaks are because of the fact that you’re being divided now. Back then, you were the most united, most intact…but the difference of opinions plagued you; now, you’re divide into 3: those that choose the 3 over the 2, those that choose the 2 over the 3 and those that choose both 2 and 3. Seeing the once very strong you fall into pieces – it must be very painful, right? It should be. Aside from that, others constantly hate on you for reasons you can’t even comprehend – some hate on you because they want to, some hate on you because they’ve always been wanting to hate you for a very long time, some hate on you because they think you’re delusional…that you are stupid for trying to keep yourself intact, some well, hate you because you’re fighting your own demons… and winning over them.

You know what? nothing much has actually changed. You’re still the strongest and most beautiful of all – because despite all the issues I mentioned, you’re still considered the biggest and strongest of all. You still shine so bright that even the stars in the heaven would envy you. And I know, those five men are very proud of you, just as much as they were very proud of you when you first received your name. Your doing your best to keep yourself compact and composed, and no matter what they say about you, you never step back. You always fight for your beliefs, and no internal conflict managed to erase your motto, “Always Keep The Faith”.

Remember all of this: You’ll always be the most beautiful. You’ll always be the strongest. You’ll be the last one standing. Because I know that you do not know the word “abandon”. You are known for your loyalty and dedication, and no issue, no internal conflict, no company and no one can ever change the beautiful you.

Happy Birthday, CASSIOPEIA.

Always Keep The Faith and Hope To The End,

From a small part of you,



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