When EXO Planet and the Alternate Universe Collide… [PART 1]

(PART 2 HERE: http://melodic-cross.livejournal.com/15648.html)

One of the distinguishing characteristics of South Korean Pop culture fans, as they say, is the liking towards fan fictions. Fanfics, as well all know, are products of fans’ creative juices – casting their “oppas” or “eonnis” on their own well-thought storyline. These stories can come in different types – some can be like the artists’ everyday life then certain changes in relationships occur like a boy or girl enters the story and the main character falls in love then comes the conflict. It can be an alternate universe where the artists aren’t artists, but normal people or even powerful beings in a fantasy-like world.

As for me, I wasn’t really that fond of reading fanfics before – although I’d read some occasionally. It wasn’t until I checked out this one EXO fanfic that everyone in the fandom was crazily spazzing about. I felt left out and of course, I had no choice but to give it a try. Apparently, this fanfic was also one of the particular triggers that made me call myself a true-blooded EXOtic right now. The fanfic was nicely written and the storyline was pretty cliché but anyhow, it was very interesting, otherwise I wouldn’t be that hooked. I’ll talk about that fanfic later.

And so the Angel got drowned in the world of fanfics. But mind you, though, I only read EXO fanfics. I’ve read a lot of DBSK ones already, so right now, I’m into reading EXO ones. And seriously, EXO makes good AU (Alternate Universe) and Fantasy story characters, with that MAMA concept of powers and the Tree of Life blah blah. You just need to put some twists and voila! You get a good EXO fanfic.

So here, I’m going to discuss about the EXO fics I’ve read so far and give a few descriptions of it. If you’re a fan EXO, you have to read these! If you’re not, but want a good read, you should at least check out 1 or 2 from the list. Who knows, you might end up together with me in the fandom!

  1. My Crazy Hot Aliens and My Crazy Hot Aliens II: The Invasion
  • Every EXO fan has probably heard of this one. MCHA was written by one of the most popular authors in asianfanfics.com – dbskgirl4ever (yes! A Cassiopeia like me!). This fanfic tops the list on the same site for having the most number of views and subscribers. Yes, the top among thousands of other fanfics. Gives you an idea that the story is definitely worth a read. You don’t even need to be EXO fan to enjoy this.

The story revolves around Haebin, a high school student coping with the struggles of supporting herself and the bullying she often gets in school due to the fact that she was an orphan (and the drama ensues…) One fateful night (oh yes, here we go…) six weird guys cornered her claiming that they were from a planet called EXO (cliché but give the story a chance) and she was their ‘star’! Apparently, these six men were on a mission to learn about the planet Earth and ‘mating’ (LOL here comes the fun) and Haebin was to aid them…and live on her house.

For the first story, the characters will only be limited to EXO-K. For the sequel, EXO-M will be joining the fun. Read how 12 men change Haebin’s life forever, as they provide her the ‘family’ she always wanted – and the love she only dreamt of before. Her lonely house turning into a pandemonium (LOL EXO, why?) and aliens lighting up her world like nobody does (cheesy much?) Watch out for a dozen of idiots who don’t know about woman anatomy (oops..spoiler…sorry can’t help it 😛 )

MCHA and MCHA II will forever be my favourite EXO fics. This two-part story has made me into an ugly sobbing mess whenever drama ensues (won’t tell hehe), a mad buffalo rolling on the floor laughing like there was no tomorrow whenever EXO encounters stuff that don’t exist in EXO planet, cheesy hopeless romantic whenever the boys try to make their move on Haebin, profane young woman throwing random curses as the characters get themselves into some fix (something’s gonna happen on the latter part of the story, you see) and of course, a better EXO fan (gotta love them all, really). See how cheesy? J

MCHA I: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/162932/my-crazy-hot-aliens-comedy-fantasy-friendship-korean-romance-exo-exok

MCHA II: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/184390/my-crazy-hot-aliens-ii-the-invasion-fantasy-friendship-romance-exo-exok-exom

  1. The Life Cycle of a Tree
  • At first, I was hesitant about this story. Basically, the description said that the author used EXO’s teasers and turned it into a story. Well, it wasn’t an easy feat, after all the teasers (if you watched them) each had different settings and feel. But I decided to give it a try. It was for EXO after all (if you read about my recent entry about EXO, you’d understand why the word ‘chance’ and ‘try’ bore meanings to me). And just like how I thanked the heavens that I tried to get to know EXO, I thanked the heavens I tried this one, because it’s one hell of a great story.

The story revolves around Lleana who suddenly woke up one morning in a world she didn’t belong to. Following her instincts as she walked around the field where she  found herself waking up in, she met two men (of course, two members of EXO) who told her nothing but the fact that she was there for a purpose and handed her something (won’t tell you, sorry) which will tell her what that purpose was. Apparently, she isn’t just some sort of an alien to their planet, she was meant to do something great that will change the fate of 12 young men and their home.

Very vague, right? Yes, the author loved surprising and keeping the readers in suspense, which worked so much in me. I stayed up late a few nights reading this one because it was too awesome. And goodness, how did the author manage to really use all the EXO teasers? /brb spazzing/ Also, there are alternate endings on who Lleana’s gonna end up with.

TLCOAT: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/159248/the-life-cycle-of-a-tree-you-alternateuniverse-originalcharacter-exo-exok-exom

  1. The Legends Saga (“Messenger”, “Dreamer”, “Memories” and “Rebirth”)
  • This series literally got me holding on to my sheets (can’t say seat because I read on my bed). The Legends Saga is complete with action, suspense, fantasy and slice of life. I cried after reading the last chapter of the last instalment. I swear I did. This saga kept me occupied for a month.

The main plot of the story goes like: Siara is a world divided into 3 continents – Casiora, Temo and Pasaram. Peace ruled the land, until evil creatures called Arcanes threatened the peace once again. Yes, ‘again’. Long time ago, the Legends, a group of powerful 12 men sacrificed themselves and sealed these Arcanes away, along with their leader, the Dark Prince. Now, someone let these Arcanes out again and the Council leaders of Aberon, the capital of Casiora, knew that the Dark Prince would awaken, soon as well. They needed the 12 Legends, but of course, they had long been gone. Unknown to most though, the 12 Legends will come back once again when Siara is in danger – in unexpected forms.

The first story, “The Legends: Messenger” features the teleporter Kai as the main character (yes, this story made use of EXO’s MAMA superpowers); The second one, “The Legends: Dreamer” features the healer, Lay; The third “The Legends: Memories” with storm-controller Chen and the last one, “The Legends: Rebirth” with fire-wielder Chanyeol. Each one gets a girl, haha. Note: read all of them. I promise it’s worth it.

Messenger: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/171323/the-legends-messenger-drama-fantasy-you-exo-kai

Dreamer: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/195296/the-legends-dreamer-action-drama-fantasy-you-exo-lay (this one’s my favorite J )

Memories: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/208817/the-legends-memories-fantasy-you-exo-chen

Rebirth: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/221546/the-legends-rebirth-action-fantasy-you-exo-chanyeol

  1. War of Gods
  • If you love Greek Mythology, then this one’s for you! The author’s a genius, I’m telling you – she’s really good in writing fantasy stories. The War of Gods is written by the same author who wrote “The Legends Saga”, Navi_7769. What makes this story awesome? Imagine EXO as the Olympians’ apprentices, wielding powers almost the same as their masters’. Clue, a certain EXO member with Zeus’ thunderbolt. Cool, isn’t it?

Misun is a tough cookie – she works as a policewoman. She isn’t scared of criminals or situations where she’d need to pull out her guns and aim it towards people who deserve some bonking in the head. But of course, she wouldn’t be able to handle out-of-this-world creatures, like centaurs, chimeras and harpies. These creatures shouldn’t be roaming around modern day Earth after all. Enter 12 young men who claim themselves to be the Gods’ apprentices, on Earth for a mission to fix some mess the Gods wouldn’t and a bigger mission to save Olympus and of course, Earth. And Misun thought that Greek Mythology was just a piece of literature.

Okay. I love Greek Myth, ok? And fuse that with EXO. Now don’t ask why I love this. J It’s actually a part of a Saga (the author loves sagas, doesn’t she? J), but this one’s the only one that completed right now.

WOG: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/153039/war-of-gods-fantasy-you-exo-exok-exom-kyungsoo

  1. Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood and Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood II: The Big Bad
  • EXO as aliens? That concept’s everywhere. How about having EXO as werewolves? Now, that’s really new. This one’s full of fluff, the one that you can’t get enough of;  the one that prevents you from sleeping the night off and just stay up happily laughing to the EXO canine friends.

Elise is just an average girl, or so you thought; (LOL of course) happily living her life with her brother Eli (U-KISS!) despite being orphans. But one day, she stumbles upon the secret of the six most popular males at school and of course she shouldn’t have. Because now that she found out that these six were actually werewolves, she is forced to live with them in order to keep the secret from coming out and for another reason she didn’t like at first. Good thing Elise liked dogs.

For the first story, we only have EXO-K, although EXO-M will appear from time to time. EXO-M will join the fun as main characters too, on the sequel. Ok, seriously this one got me rolling on the bed laughing like an idiot. It’s light, yet heartwarming, definitely for relaxation. No heavy dramas, just the right amount to make you tear up. J

HTLRRH: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/178901/hey-there-little-red-riding-hood-comedy-friendship-romance-you-exo-exok-werewolf

HTLRRH II: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/194209/hey-there-little-red-riding-hood-ii-the-big-bad-comedy-romance-you-exo-exok-exom-werewolf


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