When EXO Planet and the Alternate Universe Collide… [PART 2]

  1. That Girl, That Boy
  • First one on the list that doesn’t have fantasy on it. (I can’t help it, EXO makes fabulous characters with powers, you know) I don’t usually read fanfics with heavy drama on it because I’ll really end up sobbing hard. But this one, although with a heavy dose of slice of life, will make you cry a lot but you won’t stop reading it even if your nose runs. There are only bits of comedic situations and it is also heavily infused with elements of betrayal and some violence as well. All to forge the characters to become solid individuals.

With the hopes of starting a new life, Haneul moved from UK to Seoul. But it seems that the heavens isn’t gonna let her breathe a breath of comfort even if she already flew away from the place that gave her some tortured memories. First: she had to leave her friends, second: she was facing a hard time making friends, being the ‘new girl’ that she was. To top it all, every girl’s jealous, because she somehow found her way to EXO, a group of popular yet mysterious young men at school. The story will revolve around Haneul’s tortured past as well as every EXO member’s, and how they find the real meaning behind ‘family’, ‘love’ and ‘friendship’.

Still sobbing whenever I remember some of the scenes here. /pulls out tissues/

TGTB: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/158223/that-girl-that-boy-romance-you-exo-exok-exom-schoolife

  1. She’s Different
  • This one isn’t fantasy as well, another slice of life, if I must say. The base plot is kind of cliché as well, but it still works.

Kai is a playboy, but not without a reason. His broken heart is what led him to play with girls, as of getting back on them. He’s played with 9 girls already, sleeping with them then shooing them away. Chanyeol’s his best friend since primary school days, and despite Kai’s actions, stays there for him. Enter OC character (this is actually a ‘you’ fic) – and Kai sets his eyes for her to be his tenth. Unfortunately, for some reason, Kai couldn’t lay his hands on her – perhaps because she’s too pure and has a hidden sadness in her eyes… maybe something else going on with him. Chanyeol feels complex feelings as well, but lets friendship take over for the mean time. Love may unfold and the past may start to haunt again. One thing is for sure, these three words play a big part in their lives: ‘forgiveness’, ‘honesty’ and ‘understanding’

Good amount of drama on your way. I actually cursed a lot on Kai while reading this. /hides/

SD: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/159348/she-s-different-you-exo-exok-exom-kai-chanyeol

And, that’s the list for now. Actually I’ve read more, but the ones on the list are the ones that definitely left marks. But I’ll have to mention these three fics:

  1. In White

  • Oneshot. But oh my goodness. I love this one so much. This would come 2nd to MCHA I and II. This is based off from Kris’ teaser (Teaser #17, if you’re planning to read this, might as well watch the teaser). Nothing much happened, just really giving a story to the said teaser. What can I do? I love Kris to my bone marrows, you see.

IW: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/166168/in-white-exo-exom-kris-exokris

  1. Our Cheonsa

  • 5 chapters short. I bawled while reading this one. It features only a few EXO members and they’re friends with the main girl. Unfortunately, an accident happens which leaves them separated forever. But the same accident made her believe, that angels do exist – to guide and protect. I bawled my eyes out reading this one and I was sobbing so hard that I made noises.

OC: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/189079/our-choensa-exo-exok-kai-luhan-sehun-chanyeol-kris

  1. Maid In Love

  • This one’s written by the same author who wrote “She’s Different”. I haven’t read this one yet as I’m still finishing another fic, but will definitely do afterwards. After all, this one features Kris as the main character. Can’t wait to read.

MIL: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/181345/maid-in-love-you-exo-exok-exom-kris-suho

There you have it!  A list of must-read EXO fics (somehow this really turned into a recommendation post, sorry about that)

Anyway, like I’ve been saying for n times already, these fics are really worth a read. If they didn’t make use of KPOP idols as characters, I’m sure these ones would make good hardbound books. (I’d definitely buy them) So next time you visit asianfanfics.com, make sure to look for these! Really, you don’ t need to be an EXO fan to appreciate these beautiful stories. Ciao! 


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