Newly Forged Promise: Let Us Love! [Reflections on EXO’s 1ST AWARD]

The 17th of September marked another history for the young men of EXO, and for the ‘angels’ that support them.

Honestly, my feelings right now cannot be fully expressed by mere words. I tear up whenever I remember that scene when tears rolled down Kris’ cheeks , making him unable to say anything any further; Lay snatched the microphone and spoke in his stead and the other members tried their hardest to prevent the tears from falling down. It made all sorts of feelings inside of me.

When their hands finally grazed the trophy they had been working so hard for these past five months, several thoughts flashed in my mind, like I was travelling back in time. I don’t know if it was Tao’s doing, but I saw everything clearly. From the moment they first stood on the same stage they stood on right now, albeit they were just guests before and now they’re a recipient of a prestigious award. That particular incident when they were indirectly bashed and regarded like ‘some other KPOP group who’s out to ruin the Chinese’ patronage to their own local artists’ and that courageous act of Kris who spoke up for the members that they had 4 Chinese members – hinting that they wanted to be recognized not as a KPOP group but local artists. Who would forget that after those incidents happened, they never failed to bring up their wishes to be recognized in every live chat and show they appeared on? I never forgot. The nights of their lack of sleep, all the injuries the members’ sustained during promotions, the looks on their faces when they talked about being homesick, every drop of Tao’s genuine tears that spoke about his feelings, all the mobbing they experienced at the airports, all the mileage and flying back and forth – top it all with all the constant indifference and hatred they received just for being a ‘heavily promoted group’ – everything is deeply etched in my memory. And everything came back to me as soon as those tears fell from Kris’ eyes – as soon as the special video the fans made for them ended.

And you know what else I felt? I felt victorious.

Amidst all the hardships and some people’s hate, they were blessed. They were blessed with an award bigger than the rookie award they did not receive, because they were in for something greater such as that ‘Most Popular Group’ award they tightly held on their hands. But still, that wasn’t the biggest award they received that night: it was the fans’ love and promises to stand by them. One could see very clearly, these 6 men did not cry when they received the award in their hands. They cried when the special fanmade video was shown on the screen. Because it was the fans’ love that truly made them happy beyond words that night.

Yes, a victory, indeed – because the hate and bashing did not bring them down. Instead it forged them to become stronger, better. And also, forged the resolves of the fans to love them more than they have until now, if it was still even possible.

And this is just the beginning of the blessings. Because this isn’t just about EXO M. This about the whole of EXO.

Blessings come to those who truly deserved them. The heavens cannot be questioned on who it would like to pour its glory onto.

This is just the beginning of their story. And ours, as well.

The beginning of the fulfilment of the promises EXO and the fans shared.

So let us just love.

We Are One, no matter what they say.

Cheers to the beginning of EXO’s HISTORY.


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