To My Angel, My Emperor [A Letter for Kris’ Birthday]

"Pure, like the innocence of a child who doesn't know better; Born in this beautiful moment…"

When I first saw you, no, I won't say 'I saw something different in you that made me believe I'd fall in love with you', because that's too common…

I'd rather say, "When I first saw you, I knew something was bound to happen inside of me, though I wasn't sure what it was going to be"

Because I learned to love the way you confuse my heart that it tends to make fluttering sounds. 

But you know what, I think I'd still like to say that "When I first saw you, I saw a beautiful person. Beautiful enough to open my eyes to things that I never appreciated before"

After all, I'm here in this 'family' because I saw you. 

You caught me by surprise, I did not expect that you'd be able to send my heart flying away to neverland just by doing what is expected of you – to appear on screen. 

How can a person I did not know very well did this to me? I haven't even heard you talk or interact with anybody back then. What kind of magic did you actually possess and cast?

Curiosity did not only kill the cat, it killed even the prejudices in me. Wanting to know you better led me to more – specifically wanting to know even the people that possibly made you smile. It led me to do things I never thought I'd do – break my rules. 

But I regret nothing. Sure, during that time, what caught me first was how perfectly sculpted you were – like a piece of Michelangelo's art. 

Who knew there was something else beneath that 'perfection' you projected?

Again, you took me by surprise. I had predicted that you would be true to your title, but I never expected you'd be beyond that. You were just a year older than me, but you stood up for the people you cared about; you stood up for your beliefs, even if everyone in this world knew that the opinion of the majority would be considered the 'truth'. 

You showed us that you were a force to be reckoned with. 

Breaking out of the shell, yet still, another beautiful creature emerged. 

After confusing my heart, you also confused my mind. It felt like I judged you too much, for you're not actually too hard of a nut to crack. You were just like anybody else – you smile, you laugh, you joke, too. Yet, you were still unique. 

"To me, you're more illuminating than an angel; If anyone wills any ill towards you, I won't let it happen"

When I first saw you, I never once thought that you really were an angel. Sure, you wore white clothes that danced with the wind, and you seemingly  descended into this world. But right now, I really believe that you're an angel – just as how I firmly believe that stars exist in the sky. 

You were once a mystery to me. But now, you are seemingly like an enchanting piece of literature that lures one to keep reading it – because it provides a great deal of pleasure to be able to explore its beauty. 

The more I find out about you, the more my ability to escape the reality that I might already be drowning in your world depletes. 

As much as it pains me to see your tears, if it's of happiness, I guess I can manage. After all, those tears of happiness aren't supposed to be painful – they're supposed to be precious – proof of your amazing being. 

"Eyes, closing and opening again – afraid this is only a dream. Not wanting to let go, I stand before you honestly – wishing for your attention"

You really don't look like it, but you know how to appreciate even the simplest things in life. Who am I to not appreciate you? I'd sink in shame if I did the opposite.

You keep showing me different sides of you… and not just any sides. Mesmerizing ones. How am I supposed to let go now? 

Li Jiaheng…

Kevin Li…

Kevin Wu…

Wu Fan…

Wu Yi Fan…

Kris Wu…

You go by so many names, yet I see only one person. 

A person whose beauty radiates from within – amplified outside. 

To the young man who stood up for his beliefs in front of thousands of judging eyes…

To the young man who broke not only mine, but everyone else's prejudices…

To the boy who never changed just to please everyone…

To the leader who did not flinch at the mention of his duties…

To the leader who did nothing but go beyond what is expected of him…

To the vain young adult who spends awfully irritating amount of minutes checking himself out…

To the future skin care products model of EXO…

To the duizhang who loves his clingy dongsaengs and hyungs…

To the derp who firmly believes he can fly but can't even flap his hands right…

To Lay's number one favorite target when it's 'tell the secrets time'…

To Tao's role model…

And to everyone else in EXO's favorite babysitter. 

To the man who led me to become a part of this happy fandom…

To EXO M's leader, Kris. 

To my angel; cute, little prince (or so he says, dreams are free); handsome emperor and dragon-at-heart…

祝你生日快乐! 생일축하합니다! Happy Birthday!

Stay who you are, and never change.

Because you're amazing, just the way you are. 

사랑합니다! 我爱你! I love you! 

I bought this~ ❤

Chinese Food ;p

I'll give this to you in Singapore, Kris ❤


The ones in "" are yes, English lyrics of  EXO M's "Angel/ Imto /your World"
Here's a link: EXO M "Angel/Into Your World" Lyrics 

Once again, Happy Birthday, my love ❤


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