Always Thankful [A Letter for TVXQ and 1’s 3rd Anniversary]



Three years already? I never thought I’d come this far with you.

But really, I shouldn’t have said that. After all, it’s not like having this 3rd Anniversary was the only magic that you’ve done to me.

Our third anniversary….it sounds so nice. 

I listened to your songs again today – for the first time in around 9 – 10 months. Your songs are still beautiful…they will always be beautiful, after all. And they can still take me to so many places; leap through different times and give me rainbow of emotions. That’s how much magic you have over me. You still have that hold on my heart.

There are so many things I want to say to you right now, but I really don’t know how – and I really don’t know if I should.

Last month, I saw the two of you for the first time after 3 long years. That’s probably the gift for this year’s anniversary, isn’t that? Finally – in real flesh before my very eyes; hearing those songs I’ve only listened to on my iPod before, seeing those moves I’ve only seen in videos before and of course, those smiles I’ve only seen in photos before. Everything was there, in front of my very eyes. And I didn’t know what to feel.

Honestly, even right now – I do not know how to feel.

Someday, I’ll be able to lay all of these feelings to you. But for now, I only want to acknowledge this day.

This day, 3 years ago…when I first saw you. I know, this has been said for so many times already, during the past anniversaries.

Someday, someday…I’ll be able to…

But this… you and everyone else should remember.

Even if everything else falls apart, even if the wishes we originally had were not to be granted anymore….

I’ll still be forever thankful to you.

Because you have given me so much that I don’t even know if I deserve all of these.

Because of you…there’s the friends that made me happy this day with their sweet greetings.

Because of you…there’s another reason for me to celebrate my birthday.

Because of you….there’s beautiful music to keep all the gloom away so I could be happy for my special day.

Because of you…there’s me right now – a ‘me’ that everyone loves; a ‘me’ that I love.

Because of you…there’s a lot of realizations.

Because of you… I met THEM.


Please be happy for me.

Because I’m always happy for you…because of you.

Thank you, for them….

And thank you, because of you…there’s this letter.

I’ll forever be thankful…because even in the darkest of times…you still give me light.

Even if that light….leads to another light.

Thank you.

And Happy 3rd Anniversary to us,

My melody, the soundtrack of my life….

Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Happy Birthday to our love


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