Between Fantasy and Reality: A Fan’s Day with FAN

[Part 2 of my Wu Yi Fan-related outputs from the course I took last semester: Online Journalism. Topic is ‘If You’re Going to Spend a Day with Someone, Who Would it be, How and Why?’]

One person may have had countless dreams ever since he or she could ever remember. And there will always be that person who appears on each one of them. Dreams, for me, are figments of both reality and fantasy; an area that lies between them. They are something I long to see, feel, touch someday, and they come to life first when I sleep. And whatever it contains, they are real. After all, behind every fantasy, is a true story.

But I don’t believe that they will stay like that forever – scenes that only the mind can create. Someday, surely, they will turn into something the mind comprehends when the eyes set on its physical form. And everything I see at night, I’ll see at day, when the time comes.


(Photo Not Mine)

From the moment Kris first took flight (on the teaser clip that first revealed him to the world), I already knew I was bound to like him. I won’t deny that at first, I only noticed him because of his looks; as well as that striking cloak of elegance he had around him. But then as I came to know him, I realized that discovering things about this singer-idol was like looking at my own reflection – the reflection of what makes up my personality. He was the prime reason why I still listen to foreign pop music; I was on the verge of giving up KPOP (although Kris sings in Mandarin), until I saw him and came to like his group, EXO.

Before I hear any sighs and detect your inner thoughts, like “Oh my god, is this another fangirl obsession story?” – I’ll rebut you now. It’s not exactly Kris that I’d want to spend a day with, but Wu Yi Fan. Wu Yi Fan is Kris’ non-idol self, in other words, his true name, true being – the him behind the camera. The Kris without BB cream, without flashy clothes; the Kris who isn’t singing or rapping, dancing and leading EXO. It’ll make sense later on.


(Basically, this is how the guy looks w/o make-up; Believe me, I’ve seen him thrice already. This was actually taken in NAIA when they visited the Philippines for a joint concert last January 19. Photo’s not mine, though)

I want to spend a day with FanFan – the 22-year old young man who grew up with only his mother by his side; who loves to read books, to sleep and to drink coffee and green tea. The young man whose biggest achievements were his positions as captain for both soccer and basketball teams; whose thrift qualities amuse even the thriftiest of women.


The simplicity behind the glamour that his profession wraps around him would perfectly reflect how that one day would go. 2 Venti-sized Starbucks Green Tea Cream Frappuccino would stand across each other; and beside each would be slices of carrot cakes and Pasta in Tomato Sauce – food we both enjoy. I would be grinning at how amusing I would still find the fact that we both love Starbucks, Green Tea and under 300kcal food – health butts. I would laugh when he starts getting excited about getting his very own set of Murakami Haruki’s IQ84 (one of our many common points, the author). And in case anyone’s wondering, Yifan is fluent in 3 languages: English as he grew up in Canada; Mandarin and Cantonese, his native languages and Korean, because of course, as an idol, he needed to be. We would not be talking about anything related to his idol status, because I would always tell him that I could always check Kris out on YouTube and on concerts. But Yifan is someone I could not pass up.

The atmosphere would then become sentimental as my favourite EXO song, “Into Your World/Angel” (This one is also his favourite song that they sang. How fortunate that it was named after me). We would start talking about how hard it was for both of us to grow up without our fathers, how we fought for our identities and how people easily misjudge us for cold, calculating people whose eyes scrutinize everyone. Then the conversation would shift to our plush doll collections, since we both love plush animals; we would also mock each other at who writes better stuff and even about fashion. We would update each other about UNIQLO and Forever21. Yes, we had all these in common. That was why I came to like him.


(Photo Not Mine)

The day would end with him telling me that he wants to go to sleep. Yes, Yifan loves to sleep. I would then tease him that he was not contented yet with all his 6-feet glory, the he’d shoot back, threatening he would never call me again. I would counterattack with saying, “Of course you wouldn’t. Because you’re too stingy to even spend a cent on phone calls” He would then smile his gummy, non-camera photoshoot, genuine smile that only appears when he’s truly happy, not because he needs to look so. We would bid our good-byes and I would wish him well for EXO’s upcoming concert. Then he would say the sweetest reminder an idol – and a friend could ever say to his fan; something he actually said on an interview before:


(Photo Not Mine)

“Hope you will not forget the people who surround you and love you, like your family. Also your study and work, while you love us. Cherish these people before us.”

I would then smile while he says, “See you, Angel” He said it with so much meaning – not only that it was my nickname, but it was actually what Yifan likes to call his fans, based on the song that was mentioned before, ‘Into Your World/Angel’


(Photo Not Mine)

Even as KPOP fans, there is still a need to distinguish fantasy from reality. Like KPOP, dreams may also be shining, shimmering and splendid all over, but there will always be a piece of something real – like how a day of dreams can be spent with the truest, realest side of a person whose existence is deemed fantasy by many, including me.


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