A Song I Never Knew I’d Sing…

This is kinda late….and that makes me feel so stupid. I don’t know why I only decided to write about this now when that Yangtze event was like months ago already.

Isn’t it amazing that there are so many hidden wonders around each one of us? Yet what’s more amazing is that most of the time, we don’t see them immediately – until someone opens our eyes for us. It’s not a bad thing for me, though. Although I’m quite the type of person who prefers to see things with my own eyes rather than having someone point it out for me. Perhaps, that itself, is one of the wonders I failed to see before – the wonders of having someone with a special existence show you a handful of more unnoticed beauty that came upon his/her entrance to your life.

I won’t mention anymore the changes this specific group of people, particularly a certain someone brought into my life – saved that for another post that I wrote last year. Anyhow, the discovery of this wonderful piece came with their arrival. It’s only been months, yet I find myself totally captivated with the beauty of this song.

I never knew Sandy Lam, heck I’ve never listened to Chinese songs before until EXO.

The song has so much emotion to it; a perfect conveyance of a love that does not need anything else but the mere presence of each other. And unconditional love – too pure for someone like me. Yet when I listen to this song, I agree with every single word. Add to that the simple, yet beautiful voice of Sandy Lam – and you’ve got a song that can last centuries.

Super Junior M also has a version of this song – both in Mandarin and Korean. Their versions are also quite beautiful, however, nothing beats the emotions of the original singer, of course. That is true for every song made.

I won’t go into details on how I found this song. However, I’m quite sure that for those who actually know me in real life, the reasons are clearer that the clearest daylight. But putting it anyway.

So it’s basically this.

And I won’t go into details on how I exactly felt. That’s for my heart to keep.

“如果全世界我也可以放弃; 至少还有你值得我去珍惜. 而你在这里就是生命的奇迹, 也许全世界我也可以忘记; 就是不愿意失去你的消息, 你掌心的痣我总记得在那里…”


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