Chasing Love: How To Die a Fangirl’s Way

[Part 1 of my Wu Yi Fan-related outputs from the course I took last semester: Online Journalism. Topic is ‘How Do You Think You’re Going To Die?’]

I have always lived my life sticking to my principles – after all, I have these set of codes I went on living by. And now that I am drawing my last breath, I review all those codes and make a checklist inside my head. What a weird thing to do before dying, right? I don’t know, it just came into me. After all, 4-dimensional thinkers die as one…

So, here goes. First, ‘live your life to the fullest’ – spend and spend if you must; because they say that in heaven, you won’t need material stuff. That means no iPhones, iPods, heck no computers! Check, because last time I checked, my bank account was already empty. Next, ‘see all the artists you want to see and declare your undying love for them. Done that, though those airport staff needed to do their jobs to hinder my quest for love when they drove us away upon the artists’ arrival at Changi Airport. If only not, I would already been inside a luggage marked with a ‘FRAGILE’ sticker on my way to South Korea. Next, ‘give mom an expensive gift,’ of course check – what kind of a daughter would I have been? I even sacrificed a DVD for that! No regrets, though, because she was so happy when she got my gift. Check! Next, ‘save some babies’ – and no, not human ones. As of now, I have 2 stray kitties making themselves at home and one pooch given to me so that he could have a new home. I was planning to adopt more, but heck I’m dying right now, aren’t I? Next, ‘tell your best friends everything,’ check! Did that last December and so many things were revealed. Now, this is becoming a bucket, list, what the. Oh, wait – a bucket list is something you really think about when you’re dying.

So, how did I end up here anyway? Actually, I am in Seoul, South Korea right now. I was supposed to see EXO’s first solo concert, yeah – you read right…’supposed.’ But then, the unthinkable, yet thinkable – well, for KPOP fans, happened.


Credits: SMTOWN Official Facebook Page

I arrived at Incheon Airport around 9AM in the morning. EXO’s flight from Beijing was supposed to land at around 2PM in the afternoon – and yes, you have to be that early to catch them. I screamed and squealed my brains out and swung my arms here and there and even hit someone’s chin. But no, she didn’t kill me. I was the one who actually almost killed here because I felt that the hit was bad, considering my knuckles hurt afterwards. This was going to be the third time I was going to see them in person, but the excitement was just like the first time’s. So, back to the story: Kris, my oh-so gorgeous favourite member from the group smiled when he saw my fan banner (I made it with my friends, so yeah, proud, like really). And of course, being the fangirl that I was, I ran after them and hired a ‘stalker taxi’ (this is pretty normal in South Korea – taxis that fans rent to follow their idols’ vans up to their agencies – though some go overboard and follow them to their dorms).


Credits: As watermarked.


And then it happened – no, my mom just made an overseas call. She called me just to tell me I was crazy. And I told her, ‘yes, of course – because I’m special’ and then she hung up on me. I replied to her via SMS right away, though, and told her that I loved her. Then it really happened. Apparently, I noticed another stalker taxi trailing too close behind EXO’s vans (that’s bad, even for bad stalker fans) and because I believe that no matter how obsessed you are, you should still respect the idols’ privacies, I rolled down my windows and started yelling at the fans inside the said taxi. I then found out that the fans were not really from there and they spoke some language I had never heard of. They were yelling as well and because I didn’t understand, I thought they were cursing at me so I cursed them in Filipino. But little did I know, that the taxi drivers were so distracted by the bickering of ‘two different worlds’ that they failed to notice the dangerous curve ahead. Shit happens, definitely. At least Kris and the rest of EXO rolled down their windows (because they’re curious kids?) and checked what happened. Yeah, at least I got to see them before my eyes closed.


Photo not mine.

So, here I am right now – with my new best friend, the life support system; currently reviewing my bucket list while my eyes are closed and all I could hear was my breathing and the beeps from the machine. Oh, and music! At least the nurses were kind enough to play my favourite songs through my iPod using mini speakers. That wasn’t allowed actually, but mom insisted because she knew I’d like that. I lived a wonderful and exciting life full of colors and craziness – looking back. Uh –oh, I can feel my air supply leaving. Recalling everything? Check. Now, I can finally sleep. At least I got to tell mom I loved her even in the midst of my craziness, right? Now, I really believe that somehow, we’d feel it when our time is near. And like a KPOP concert – the countdown begins. 3….2…1, ‘…..’


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