Happy 2nd Birthday, EXO Philippines!


(Photo Credits: EXO Philippines Official Facebook Page)

‘It is through you that I completely realized, that when fate brings two people together, time is not of extreme value…’

It hasn’t been a long time since I first met all of you, but I can firmly say that in the still few moments we have shared together under the roof of what we call a ‘family,’ to say ‘it’s fun so far’ is an understatement. It’s certainly full of bumps and humps, full of struggles – yet in the end glorious and FUN. I can still count the number of events we shared together, yet each one held a great value that is too overwhelming for its simple and pure nature. If that is not yet proof enough that I enjoy your company, then I don’t know what else is.

I won’t talk about how I first met you, because this should be just about you. I know you first came into life when SM Entertainment revealed the next project that they were planning to debut – they were awkwardly called as M1 and M2 back then. Most people would find that fast of decision to make a fanclub for a group that has not debuted yet as foolish, I for once, did think that way, too. Yet as I fell in love with these 12 young, adorable dorks together with you, that was then I realized, that perhaps fate had a hand in all of these. Especially now that I’ve met all of you and became a part of your family, I can say, that if being ‘foolish’ is being as passionate as you guys, I’d gladly accept the label.

As the years passed by and the group finally came into spotlight, the demands for your dedication increased. People came and go in the fandom, some realized they didn’t really love EXO, some found another group and some, were simply never a part of the group to begin with. Issues plagued the fandom, haters from left and right tried to pull the whole family down, unfortunate circumstances allowed for pain inside the circle – yet you’re still here, standing proud as if unscathed. You have been injured several times, yet all of these didn’t matter in the end. No, erase that. They did matter, because they made you stronger and better – and even worthy of the name you carry with you right now: EXO’S PREMIERE FANCLUB IN THE PHILIPPINES.

I wasn’t there yet when you first celebrated your anniversary. I knew of EXO back then already, but perhaps I was too busy with my own judgments that I failed to see you earlier. Judgments that turned 360 degrees after I spent time with all of you. But I will make up for all of it, because I’m here now, hand in hand with everyone of you.

Here are my wishes for you: become stronger than before. Accept all the pains that come your way. Fall down if you must, because you can always get up – along with the new found knowledge that there’s humps along the way so you won’t fall anymore. There are still more challenges to come, but I know and believe that you’ll manage. After all, we are from EXO Planet, aren’t we?

To my new family, and to the family that I’ll probably having for a long time, Happy 2nd Birthday.

Let’s shout it together, ‘WE ARE ONE!’


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