I don’t know what to say.


This is a trans by me, of a touching message written by a Chinese fan. (Original post from Weibo.)

It is a long post, but do read it. I spent a long time (nearing two hours) translating, and this shows how much read-worthy the message it.


2012 7th Jan.

To many, it is just a normal day.

But it is the most precious moment in my entire life.

Ever since I first saw you, the love I have for you only increases each day.

Now that I’m thinking about it, it seemed that, even the cold wind brings warm smiles, in that winter.


Sorry, but I wasn’t that deep in love yet.

I started off by liking Luhan only, with only him in my eyes.

Forgive me, it was difficult to differentiate you guys.

I was only anticipating the debut because I admire your music.

Three months, I…

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