That First Day


(Photo Not Mine)


Can you still remember?

That day when Kris first smiled his gummy smile;

That day when Sehun first performed his maknae role;

That day when Suho first cried in public;

That day when Lu Han first joked with a member;

That day when Baekhyun first showed his variety skills;

That day when Tao first did his ‘Buing~ Buing~’

That day when Lay first zoomed out in stage;

That day when Kai first shyly introduced himself as a ‘dancing machine’;

That day when Chanyeol first smiled his creepy smile;

That day when Chen first patted Suho’s back in public;

That day when D.O. first showed the world his ‘wide eyes’;

That day when Xiumin was first mistaken for the maknae…

Do you remember those?

How about these….

That day when Kris first bared his honest feelings;

That day when Sehun decided it was time to mature;

That day when Suho first swore to protect everyone;

That day when Lu Han realized the fruits of his sacrifices;

That day when Baekhyun formed his resolve to make everyone happy;

That day when Tao disregarded his pain just to be able to perform;

That day when Lay first danced on stage as the main;

That day when Kai finally caught everyone’s attention without those promotions;

That day when Chanyeol first screamed his lungs out;

That day when Chen grasped what a real stage looked like;

That day when D.O. entrusted his life with his brothers;

That day when Xiumin felt the warm spotlight in his skin.

I wasn’t there to witness that day. But I know.

It was your most special day – the day you had been waiting for 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, years and months. I was that day when you all felt the cheers and claps that were truly for you; the passion that was dedicated to you and the tears that was genuinely shed for the twelve of you. How could you forget – your names being called, your words being complimented, your performances being watched, your feelings being taken into consideration. Those big screens that had your logo, that venue that was reserved for you; those posters which had your faces on it, those fliers which had your names. Those tickets which were sold to support you – those fans that came to see you. You wouldn’t have forgotten, I know. How could you forget? That day when you were all truly happy, side by side with each other – ready to face the new chapter of your lives – that chapter that contained the climax of your biographies; that turning point. You can’t possibly forget – that day you received the love you may have never thought you could receive. That day, when you all transformed from boys who dreamt, to boys who still dreamt – only bigger dreams.

EXO – that was your name that day. Finally, you managed to scream that name out loud that day. And people clapped for you – truly at the mention of that name. For sure, it was then you realized, these people came to hear your name.

It was that day, when promises were made, between the twelve of you, among the twelve of you and the twelve of you with the fans. They were the sweetest promises. And I know, that since you remember this day, you still keep those promises at heart – and trying your best to fulfil them.

Kris, Sehun, Suho, Lu Han, Tao, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kai, Lay, D.O., Chen, Xiumin – you have graced so many stages of different sizes since that day. But I know for sure, that you will never forget that first stage. Because it was the stage that held the greatest of feelings, though small and simple.

It’s been a year since that day. You still remember, right?

Because we do. And we want to congratulate you.

Happy 1st Showcase Anniversary, EXO.

We Are One.


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