EXO Birthday Messages Compilation

Ok, since I’ve been writing messages on Tumblr for each member’s birthdays, I’ve decided that it’ll be such a waste when I just leave them there, buried over time; especially since some messages were to beautiful to forget. I’m not sailing my own boat here or anything, it’s just that some messages had some points which I wouldn’t want to forget.

So, I’m compiling them here! *confetti* I’ll just keep on updating this post whenever a member celebrates his birthday. You’ll also notice that there are no messages for Kris – and there will certainly be no posts in the future, too. I’m not a hater (LOL people who’d think that obviously don’t know me). I keep my letters to Kris to myself – just for my eyes, and for the eyes of some chosen people. Sorry, but that’s how special he is.

ChenChen’s birthday, 09/21/2012


To EXO M’S Main Vocal…
To the one and only Dansheeeen Masheeeen….
To the BIGGEST TROLL to ever step on the face of Planet Earth…
To Kris’ roommate who doesn’t even know that Kris doesn’t use a mug when brushing his teeth…
To the dongsaeng who ruined his hyung’s image by telling him he didn’t need a “baozi” mask coz he already looked like a baozi…
To the dongsaeng who wouldn’t let his hyung win the girl’s heart *poor Kris*…
To the oppa who replies to his fans with a ” . “…
To the oppa who jokes with fans say he “loves” them, trolling even if deep in his heart he meant it…
To the young man who tried his best to hold his tears back even though he just wanted to pour his heart out when EXO M received their first award…
And to the one who tried his best not to become a burden to his groupmates with the fact that he had a short training period, beating himself to become better with each passing day.
Chen Chen will always be EXO’s precious member.
생일축하합니다! 김종대, Chen! We Are One! #HappyChenDay ♡ WE LOVE YOU!
Xing Tou’s Birthday, 10/07/2012

To Changsha’s Prince…

To EXO M’s Main Dancer…


To the sweet boy who couldn’t even express sadness through his facial expressions…

…wait he doesn’t have that much expressions, anyway…

To the dancer who didn’t believe he ripped his pants during a performance, and was later dumbfounded when photos were actually taken…

To the dimple prince who never fails to give heart attacks when he smiles…

To the daydreamer who literally travels to who-knows-where when he spaces out…

…his power should have been that… and he spaces out even during interviews, the poor boy…

To the young man who’s personality changes so much when he starts dancing: from a sweet guy to a powerful dance machine…

…and to EXO and EXOtics’ healer, who never fails to bring a smile to our faces whenever the world goes against us; even when he couldn’t heal his own pain.

To EXO’s Lay who endured a lot, leaving his homeland and loved ones behind to follow his dreams; who suffered not only from emotional but physical pains as well.

生日快乐, 张艺兴 Zhang Yixing! 我爱你! ❤ #LoveLayDay

Tumblr Link: http://withinyourheaven.tumblr.com/post/33053830211/to-changshas-prince-to-exo-ms-main-dancer-to

Channie’s Birthday, 11/27/2012


To the boy whose baby face does not match his deep voice…

To the dork whose image always gets ruined when he laughs…

To the creeper who tries his best to send chills to every one’s spines but fails and ends up making every one laugh instead…

To Kris’ hommie…

To Baekhyun’s partner in spreading noise pollution all over the world…

To EXO’s part-time fanboy (because he can never match Baekhyun’s spazzing)

To EXO’s future toothpaste CF model…

…and maybe even hair spray model….kekeke…

To the young man whose perseverance never falters despite all his shortcomings…

To the boy who smiles at all the problems…

…and teaches his members to smile at the negativities around them, too…

To the member who never fails to brighten up everyone else around him…

To our precious Channie…

Our one and only Park Chanyeol – EXO K’s Main Rapper, EXO’s Happy Virus…

생일축하합니다! ❤

Never lose that smile, because it’s our medicine whenever we feel down.

Never submit to the pressures around you and most of all…

Never lose your confidence to yourself, even when people around try to bring you down.

Noona loves you~

사랑해요 ❤

Tumblr Link: http://withinyourheaven.tumblr.com/post/36663109576/to-the-boy-whose-baby-face-does-not-match-his-deep

Ahjumma Soo’s Birthday, 01/12/2013


To boy whose expressions differ so much from when he’s singing to when he’s not…

To the no. 1 imitator of Senior Oh Kwang Rok…

To Yoo Young Jin’s no. 1 fan…

To the boy who always sits ‘prim and proper’…

….and who will ever leave out the famous ‘O_O’ expression only he can pull off?

And why in the world exactly are his expressions so adorable? Makes you wanna squish him. >_<

To Ryeowook’s favorite hoobae… and the feeling’s actually mutual for both of them XD

To the main vocal who loves his majestic orchestra…

To the eomma who values his kitchen so much…

To the world’s no. 1 Kimchi Spaghetti Chef and aspiring hairstylist!

To EXO K’s salvation during hunger strikes…

To EXO K’s D.O…

To EXO’s one and only Do Kyungsoo,


Never lose that will to become better by each passing day.

Never let those harsh comments pull you down…

Because no matter what people say, you know in yourself that you can improve.

Utilize your potentials to the fullest, and like a rosebud that has yet to fully bloom, you will become someone everyone will definitely look up to someday.

And someday, it’s not you anymore who’s going to say that you’re a big fan of someone…

Because you’ll eventually become that ‘someone’ everyone would want to be like.

Love Lots ❤

Tumblr Link: http://withinyourheaven.tumblr.com/post/40255647115/to-boy-whose-expressions-differ-so-much-from-when

Jonginnie’s Birthday, 01/14/2013


This letter’s gonna be long…coz you know, Jongin and I had a ‘history’…

I just want everyone to know that this boy is very special to me. He’s not my bias, he’s not even 2nd to me in EXO, nor 3rd, 4th…he’s just in a special place to me.

Jongin, just like some, I started out ‘not liking’ this boy before – obviously for those immature reasons that I didn’t understand why I felt. I still hate myself up to now for ‘once’ thinking that way about him – but also proud that at least, I took the time to get to know him much better. Unlike some who continue to judge him harshly without even giving him a chance to show his true self to the world. No, he has shown himself – it’s just that people are too blinded by their judgments to see how wonderful this boy is.

Jongin, noona’s still very sorry for everything. Don’t worry, I promise to protect you from them to make up for everything. I am doing it – I always tell my friends who are indifferent to you how wonderful you are.

I always tell everyone that I’d really like to keep you as my younger bro. Really, no joking aside.

I’m really glad I already got to see you – and will see you again in the next few days. Noona’s excited to see everyone! ❤

So here goes…

To the boys whose passion overflows when he’s on stage…

But returns to being a shy boy who can’t even ‘buing buing’ to save his life;

To the boy whose charms lie on his straightforwardness – like telling the world he ‘does not do fanservice because he’s not like that,’

And who’s not afraid of judgment because he wants people to know him as he is – not just the member with so many teasers;

The boy with the low-self confidence who always says that he has no other talents than dancing, when in fact, he just fails to see the beauty within himself.

To the young man whose sacrifices were so heart-wrenching yet admirable.

To EXO’s Dancing Machine, who’s more human than anyone else.


May your spirit never falter, because our love for you will never.

Always believe in yourself, because in the end, it’s you who will be able to uplift yourself more than anyone else can.

Turn a blind eye against people who make faces at you; and shut your ears to those harsh judgments – and we will help you cover your eyes and drive the noises away with our loving words.

To the EXO member who I want to protect the most…


Tumblr Link: http://withinyourheaven.tumblr.com/post/40473778402/this-letters-gonna-be-long-coz-you-know-jongin

Dimsum Boy’s Birthday, 03/26/2013



Those eyebrows….

Those sparkling eyes….

Those precious cheeks….

Those beautiful smiles….

Those sincere expressions…..

Who would dare say they’re not enough for you to be called a beautiful person?

To the member whose passion radiates with every large movement his small physique makes…

To the hyung who would always put first his members even as he ends up being overshadowed….

To the gege who always tries to understand and never gets annoyed….

To young man whose perseverance is unlike any others’; accepting every little blessing that comes his way no matter how disappointed he may be deep inside;

To the man whose resolve is stronger than any pain his body suffers.

To the hyung who always gets teased by his chubby cheeks…

…and could never avoid the fate of being called ‘baozi’ by a disrespectful adorable someone xD;

To the member who fails at acting cute simply because he’s already too cute…

..who knows nothing else but the disastrous ‘Rabu Rabu’ and ’ different expressions of Baozi’ ;

To the young man who failed to tell the difference between a young girl and a young boy and ends up being kissed by a male kid….

And boy did he embarrass himself so much.

To EXO M’s Hidden Wonder, as I’d like to call him.

No, to me you’re more than just the ‘screamo’ guy in EXO;

You’re the hidden card, the ace under the sleeves.

You’re an oasis waiting to be discovered.

Not many appreciate you, but I do. I admit I don’t pay much attention to you compared to the others, but I love each one of you – and EXO will never be EXO without you. You are one of the pillars that makes the group strong. Because you are the one with the bravest heart – that I firmly believe. Because I often see in your eyes how much you’re hurting inside, but you always put up your best smile – the smile that lights bulbs inside each one of us.

You are amazing as you are now, but I know that there’s someone else more amazing there inside of you. I can’t wait to meet him and get to know him more.

Minseok-ie, never lose that courage in you. Never let hardships pull you down, and make with everything you have. Always be thankful for the blessings and surely, they will pour everything on you.

EXO’s strongest pillar, Kim Minseok. Never ever crumble down. because everything else will crumble.

How I wish I could say all of these in person.

생일축하합니다, Happy Birthday~!

From an EXO fan; Your fan. ❤

Tumblr Link: http://withinyourheaven.tumblr.com/post/46253120310/happyminseokday-those-eyebrows-those

Marshmallow’s Birthday, 04/12/2013


Using this shot over and over again – simply because it’s beautiful :”)

Sehunnie, you were my first bias in EXO-K to be quite honest. Noona is sorry that after I found out about your age, my eyes drifted to Joonmyeonie. I never really preferred maknaes, especially if they’re actually younger than me.

Sehun-ah, the first teaser I saw was Tao’s, but I didn’t give much care to EXO that time yet. When I finally admitted to myself that I want to actually get to know EXO better, I downloaded all the teasers and the first that I saw was yours. You instantly caught my eye and if I had to pick a bias from EXO-K that time, I would have picked you – until I found out that you were the maknae – and younger than me even. I never preferred maknaes before, so my eyes drifted apart to someone else.

But then I guess, there’s a reason why your teaser was the first teaser I saw after I decided I would get to know EXO better. And there’s a reason why some unusual but equally funny things happened whenever we breathe the same air.

Sehunnie, now that noona’s sorry and promises to give you all the love that was lost because of her prejudices – let me give you your birthday wishes.

To the boy whose love for bubble tea result to nagging his hyungs to go out even in the evening…

…and perhaps sometimes just uses the poor drink as an excuse to cuddle his bros;

To the boy whose diary entries either talk about milk or his teachers,

…and if only I could I would have pinched his cheeks;

To the young boy who finds it hard to sleep when in unfamiliar places,

…so he ends up making fun of others in the middle of the night *experienced it first hand*

To the adorable youngest whose response to every chores asked for him to do are bruises to his hyungs’ arms,

…yet no one can help but just leave him be because he’s such a fluffball.

To the boy who’s ‘Gwiyomi Player’ ends up turning everyone into tomatoes,

Ah seriously, can I JUST PINCH HIM? ;A;

To the lad whose pure heart smiles even at just simple nothings like fanmade pinwheels,

…who tries his best to give everyone all the appreciation he could give.

To EXO’s youngest who tries his best to mature fast because he wants to become better not only for the fans, but also for his hyungs;

To the member who prefers to stay in the background but puts up his very best when the mic is passed unto him,

To the young man who wants to grow up fast, compromising his youth just to become better.

To EXO’s ‘Aegyo Master,’

To the ‘eye-smile’ boy,

To the Mayor *being sarcastic here, sorry Sehun-ah! Noona loves you*

To the bubble tea fanatic,

To Lu Han’s favorite dongsaeng *and mine, too*

To the boy who easily gets scared, but nevertheless tries to remain strong,

To EXO K’s maknae,

To EXO’s baby.

To my marshmallow *sorry, I call him that*

To the world’s flower boy!


Don’t rush becoming mature; I’d rather wish for you to enjoy your life – simply because it’s yours. It hurts me seeing you trying so hard to cast away your youth just because the situations of being an idol calls for you to do so. I hate seeing you so thin, it breaks my heart. You should be enjoying with your friends, though I know you’re very much happy with your brothers in EXO. But since it’s your dream, I just wish for you to always stay healthy and free from any distress.

Sehunnie, never ever be afraid of others’ judgments. It’s better to be who you really are that pretending to be someone else (like and adult) just so that you can please everyone. Don’t mind when people say you’re cold towards fans – you’re young and you’re emotions are still in a mess – that’s why.

If you can’t sleep at night, it’s ok to ask for help. If you want to go somewhere, it’s ok to nag your brothers. Everything’s ok – if it’s being yourself.

Sehunnie, noona forgives you for scaring her out of her wits back at Manila Hotel when you came to the Philippines. I understand you were just bored that time and couldn’t sleep because it was hot in here and the place was unfamiliar to you. Noona also forgives you for only going outside the hotel while she was already sleeping back in Singapore. Noona also forgives you for not giving her the roses back during the DKFC.

Marshmallow, noona loves you so much~ Chuuuu~ ❤

Tumblr Link: http://withinyourheaven.tumblr.com/post/47700672164/using-this-shot-over-and-over-again-simply

Perfect Lu’s Birthday, 04/20/2013


Xiao Lu, I’m sorry I didn’t enjoy reading fanaccounts about your party yesterday. It’s seriously hard to get the feeling knowing it’s not even really your birthday yet. Plus, I was having these negative thoughts again last night, so yeah.

But of course, it’s your real birthday a few hours from now, so I will have to write you a letter.

Lu Han, when I first saw you, I knew you were the epitome of talent. For me, in all of EXO, you are the most talented – the jack of all trades. You dance well, you sing well, you have looks, you have charisma, and you still have unlimited potential in you. Above all, you are one of the manliest in group. Why do I say so, despite almost everyone claiming you’re feminine? Because you tend to hide your emotions inside of you – struggling to be strong and never showing a weak side to oth

ers. I know you feel burdened because you’re one of the oldest, and you prefer to take care of others especially those who need help and cheering up like Sehun and Xiumin. You try to always be by their side whether as simple as translating and accompanying to stroll outside late at night when your friend can’t sleep. All while enduring your own pain and just smiling and trying to make others smile. If that’s not enough for you to be a man, then I don’t know what is.

This letter is going to get long, so I’ll just greet you now.

To the young man whose hands can’t stay still – always needing of a rubik’s cube or else he’s going to start hitting his members;

To TVXQ fanboy whose feels are greater than mine;

To the ManU fanboy who kill Jongin even if he must if they argue about soccer teams;

To the OCD guy who prefers the welfare of his bed more than his member’s butts;

To the GOOD friend who never stops calling Lay, ‘Lei’

To the great inventor of Minseok’s famous alter ego the ‘baozi’

…and never fails to mention it in any program, going as far as refusing to compare him to an animal even as the MC said so because you insist to call him ‘baozi’

Nevertheless, I know you just want to make Minseokie happy.

And as far as I believe, the devil in angel’s disguise >:)

To the eldest member who looks like one of the maknaes making Kris look like a hopeless grandpa.

To the hyung who’ll go to the ends of the earth for his dongsaengs; even sacrificing his own rest and his own itineraries;

To the member who’ll never refuse a piece of love given to him, even as he struggles between the rules and his own comfort;

To the young man who tries to make everyone feel that they’re not alone even if he himself is battling his own demons alone; never asking for help because he does not want to burden anyone else;

And above all, to the EXO member who firmly wishes to keep the group together forever more than anyone else.

To EXO M’s lead dancer and lead vocalist;

To one of EXO’s pillar of strength…

To EXOtics’ one and only Xiao Lu…

To the member I respect so much,

Lu Han, Happy Birthday!

Please let us share your pain; do not take it all in by yourself. We are here for you. You should never let yourself feel alone. Ask for help if you must, don’t just give and give – you deserve to take from others, too.

Wo Ai Ni ❤

Tumblr Link: http://withinyourheaven.tumblr.com/post/48358307785/xiao-lu-im-sorry-i-didnt-enjoy-reading

Peach Brat’s Birthday, 05/02/2013


Taozi, our Taozi who’s hard and easy to love at the same time. Hard, because sometimes you’re just so deep that you might drown the people around you with your thoughts, yet easy at the same time – because these deep thoughts of yours make you a unique and amazing person.

You’re turning one year older again! What change will happen to you this time? Will you really stop crying, now? Will you stop nagging your hyungs/geges finally?

If you ask me, I’d rather you don’t change anything. I’m sure you would agree – everything you are right now, is what defines you, and what sets you apart from billions of other people all over the world. The sentimental didi, the nagger brat, the accomplished young man – it is Huang Zi Tao. Please don’t change; no matter how many birthdays come.

To the young boy who keeps trying to match everything with his favorite gege, Kris….

…he ends up being an adorable baby bro whenever he does xD

The young kid who stays up late at night, determined to always come up with new nicknames he can use to introduce himself at variety shows…

…and not to mention he also stayed up late at night one time just to think hard about his ideal type so he’ll be able to answer during interviews;

To the wushu-stick wielding brat who can’t seem to get enough of pandas (did he take this from another giant who loves plushies? oh dear Taozi please don’t take everything after him…),

…and even claims to be one. What to do?

And to the group baby who claims no one in the group can make him cry or go chicken –

…I’d really want to believe that but he always ends up crying at how much he loves them and can’t live without them…

Which makes him the young man who looks hard on the outside but soft on the inside…

The fearless young adult who ‘s not afraid to bare his emotions no matter what people think about him…

The son who can give up even his childhood for the sake of giving his parents and grandparents a great life….

The member who wouldn’t trade his members for anything else in the world;

The friend who never forgets, no matter how far he goes or no matter how many people he meets along the way;

Taozi – you’re the perfect, mature young man.

Never ever forget to look back – not only to the people who are behind you, but also to the old you that is equally perfect as the you right now. You love to stroll along the beach alone, yes, but know that you’re never really alone: because like how you love so much, we love you enough to give you space to soar on your own, yet watching you as you grow.

Romantic Kung Fu Panda, Huang Zi Tao.

EXO M’s one and only Tao.

Happy Birthday. With all love. :”)

Tumblr Link: http://withinyourheaven.tumblr.com/post/49358400419/taozi-our-taozi-whos-hard-and-easy-to-love-at

Diva Baekkie’s Birthday, 05/06/2013



Will you sing a heartfelt song for us today?

Ahhh….it’s that beautiful young man’s birthday. I’ve been waiting for this. And now that it’s here, I just can’t help bu smile.

Baekhyun-ah, to be quite honest, when I first heard your voice, I didn’t quite like it. To me, you sounded too confident in yourself when you sing. Not that I wanted you to be nervous and have your voice crack and shake at every high note – it’s just that to me, you were too proud of yourself considering you trained shorter than most of the members. The way you always speak first irritated me before as well.

I’m sorry I thought that way about you. Now, you’re one of my most favorite members in EXO. How can I not? You’re a beautiful person, after all. 🙂

But as I got to know you better, I figured out that deep inside, you were scared. Every time you answer about your training period, you always smile like a puppy while claiming that lady luck was on your side that’s why you got to debut fast. You would always hold the mic with your chin up because you wanted to prove to everyone, and even to yourself, that you deserve to be where you are now. You tend to speak and share a lot of stories, because you didn’t want to become a nobody and pull your members down.

You always try to be worthy of everyone’s attention.

Baekhyun-ah, you’ve always been worthy. You’re more than worthy. A beautiful person inside and out – if that’s not enough, then I don’t know know what else is.

To the ridiculous young man who claims he looks like Kris, Song Joongki and Lu Han,

Oh please :p

To the killer-eyes courtesy of guyliners who shiver at the presence of insects,

Oh come on they won’t eat you up.

To the SNSD fanboy whose dreams finally came true when he got featured in Twinkle MV,

…for a good few seconds? Sorry to hear that.

To the member who teaches his members to do CFs,

But really? A towel commercial? O_o

To Chanyeol’s partner-in-crime,

Who teamed up to scare the wits out of the maknae one everning, pfft.

To the young man who seriously cannot control his feels wherever, whenever.

Oh my god don’t you run out of stories and witty remarks? X(

To the sweetest idol who struggles to sing a song that is not in his own language, just because he wanted to share the burden of the fans for learning songs their songs,

Thank you for leading EXO to sing ‘Hawak Kamay’ for us. It was wonderful.

To the member who never puts up a facade because he wants to be real,

I appreciate your true emotions. They’re beautiful, whether positive or negative.

To the member who’ll defend his members even at the cost of his image,

Thank you for telling those fans off when they hurt Jongin last January.

To the young man who’s always true….

To EXO K’s Main Vocal,

To EXO’s Baekhyun.

Happy Birthday!

Never ever think that you’re lacking, because to us you’re more than enough. Don’t force yourself to do things you don’t like, because your free-spirit is one of your greatest charms. Continue to challenge yourself not because you want to be worthy, but because you know that your worth is still unlimited.

With all the love ❤

Tumblr Link: http://withinyourheaven.tumblr.com/post/49688494027/happybaekhyunday-will-you-sing-a-heartfelt-song

Heavenly Suho’s Birthday, 05/22/2013



JunMen, MyunKael, JunMaria, JoonMa, Joon-anything else~ All of your nicknames relate you to a being that parents tell stories about to their kids, so that they may live their lives without worries. That being that watches and drive away negative energies. That being that you really wish to be for your members.

But behind those smiles, I know your pain. We know your pain. Your smiling eyes reflect the sorrows of your past that still continue to torture you especially when asked during interviews.

Joonmyeon-ie, you should not be ashamed of your training years. You shouldn’t feel sad about it. You shouldn’t revisit the nightmares of standing on the corner, suffering from your injuries while your co-trainees rehearse dance. You should bury the pain of seeing others debut before you away.

Your experiences – they are greater than anyone else’s. That is why you were entrusted with being a leader. Because you know more than anyone else how to appreciate and value every little blessing that comes your way – because you’ve experienced how it was to have ample, for 7 long years. You more than anyone else know how valuable rehearsals are, or how not to underestimate talent. You, more than anyone else, know how to value the path to reaching one’s dreams. You, more than anyone else, know perseverance.

All I want for you is to stop being too hard on yourself: always being secured and afraid of making mistakes. We see it in you: you are afraid to disappoint everyone around you. Maybe because you feel that if you commit a mistake, you will be thrown back to yesterday. And because of that, you are suppressing the real you. But Joonmyeon-ie, as much as we love you so much now, we’d love you more if you’re not just EXO’s Suho, but also our Kim Joonmyeon.

To the smiling masheen, who can’t seem to stop smiling even when everyone around him is causing chaos;

To the leader who loves his members so much, despite them always chattering while he’s being interviewed,

To the guardian who tries so hard to guard his members, only that everyone’s on crack, period.

To the young man who’s finally letting his true colors shine! (I saw all the things you did during the recent birthday parties, hnnng) Fianlly you’re on crack now, too~! We Are One!

To the young man who continues to struggle in measuring his worth; building his self-esteem because he fails to see his strengths most of the time…

…you’re powerful Joonmyeon-ie. You just have to see that, too.

To the hyung who quietly watches over his dongsaengs, but does not hesitate to come over when help is needed;

To the leader who diligently lends his time for regular meetings just to strengthen everyone’s bonds;

To the leader who’s never ashamed to express his love for his members – and even sets that as his best asset; and proudly stands up for it even when countered with doubts.

To the angel whose smiles brighten up any dark moments.

To EXO K’s leader,

To EXO’s guardian.

All I want is for you to love yourself more, too. Love the real you and love all your potentials. You are the amazing Suho.

Happy Birthday. With all the love.

Tumblr Link: http://withinyourheaven.tumblr.com/post/50991737196/leadersuhoday-junmen-myunkael-junmaria

Snarky ChenChenChenen’s Birthday, 09/21/2013



This is the second year I’m celebrating Jongdae’s birthday. Did you guys know that last year, we celebrated his birthday along with EXO M’s (and EXO’s, ultimately) first ever award? That made me realize how special his birthday really was. Although both events didn’t really fall on the exact same day, one would have to agree, his birthday was blessed.

And now a year and 8 months have already passed since I first learned of Jongdae. At first he was just some random guy who was to me, lucky enough to have been blessed with powerful pitches that could throw any other lucky guy aside. I have always been hands down with his techniques in singing – but it was just that before. However, as I continued to grow with EXO, Jongdae has become more than just a pitch-perfect young man to me. He has to me, become someone significant, not because he was a main vocal, but because he was Kim Jongdae, Chen. EXO’s pitch-er, who starts the game rolling and lights up the heat.

I could never imagine EXO without Jongdae and it’s not even about the high notes in every song. I could never imagine EXO without its very own wits and snickers; snarky and gutsy. Jongdae was all of that. He is the resident cool guy who never seems to get pissed off but instead gets everyone nearly pissed off with his comments. But you’d have to admit, it adds flavor. And if I’d have to compare, he’d be menthol. Blows you away, but leaves you refreshed. Kim Jongdae who’s always cool no matter what. Cool towards everyone, cool towards himself, and cool even towards his own demons. Refreshing, because he washes away even other people’s doubts on themselves. Because his self-esteem isn’t boastful, it’s good confident. The kind that encourages. The kind that dares one to be cool themselves, too.

Happy Birthday, Snarky. Stay cool!

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Prince Xing Xing’s Birthday, 10/07/2013


If I had a bucket full of respect, I would have given everything to Zhang Yixing. A bucket of respect is quite an insult, actually, because he deserves more than that amount, and from everyone else aside from me.

Giving-off a feel of serious person, who looks at nothing but the future, who pays attention to nothing else but details – in short, a calculating young man. Zhang Yixing is that without any doubt, but he’s everything else aside from that, too. He is a perfectionist, but he knows to perfect happiness as well. He calculates every action a lot, but not only for himself, but for the team. He looks at details a lot, because he that is how a prodigy should. He is strict towards himself, not because he is hard, but because he is soft enough to know and consider how much he worries a lot of people around him.

Xing Tou may lack a lot of expressions, but he has a rainbow of emotions inside. And these colours reflect in his work: the way he dances with so much vigor – oozing with passion and determination; the songs he composes – reflections of his life’s episodes and the way he smiles towards the people he cares for the most. Yixing is, without a doubt, an ideal young man. Highly loyal, passionate, all-around talented. And funny, I must add. He is, without a doubt, EXO’s pillar of perfection, and of course, the resident lovable prince gege.

Happy Birthday, Prince of EXO, Xing Xing!

Weibo Link: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_c1349c240101f6md.html?


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