When Happiness Finally Returns…


Just last night, I was writing to someone special, how expectant I am of EXO’s comeback. Around the time after I had written the message, I sank my body into the comforts of my bed and began my usual battle against insomnia. But unlike most nights, I had the hardest time of falling asleep last night – a first one in along time. The last time this happened was during the night before I saw EXO for the first time. Someone, my senses were urging me to stay awake…and I even had the thoughts of checking online just so I could lull myself to rest. Who would have thought, that it was the hard pounding of my heart; pounding to signal me that something I have been waiting for for a long time, was already there. Somewhere.


To most, the way I had started this entry might be a little too much – considering we’re just talking about an Asian Pop Group returning to the scene. But take note of these: EXO, to me, is a salvation of so many things in my life – and a bearer of realizations. And before I shed more tears as much as I have shed throughout this whole day, the simplest thought that EXO and the fandom was denied of any comeback news for past 8 months or so (not counting the months they promoted MAMA) is enough to suffice that we’ve been deprived. Considering EXO was a new group that needed more aggression in terms of promotions, in order to build its fanbase.

So back to EXO coming back, these two group teasers were actually released last night (according to my peers who were able to catch a glimpse of it before most did). But because of constant trolling the fandom got ever since last year, no one believed at first. It was just like that classic tale of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf.’ And speaking of WOLF, wow, everything connects. You’ll know why later on.


These photos are obviously not mine, because I’m obviously not SME. 

So, I woke up this morning feeling all groggy and with my head still spinning because of lack of sleep. A few minutes before it happened, though, I was still forcing myself to keep my eyes closed and try to get more sleep. But somehow, I couldn’t. There was this certain electricity charge in my body which I could not control. Even as I brushed my teeth and washed my face, I was uneasy for some reason. The uneasiness caused nausea and somehow I didn’t want to eat anything at all for breakfast. Still, I forced myself and sat down to just go online and check. It was then all hell broke loose.


Before the photos were released, I pondered day and night if somehow, somehow, EXO comes back with a concept that is far different from MAMA’s – would I be disappointed? To my surprise, and at the same time, as how I expected it – I wasn’t the least disappointed. I don’t know if it’s because EXO has been without a comeback for a long time that I could basically swallow everything, or just the mere fact that I really am their fan and everything they do brings sparkles to my eyes. The answer? Both. But there was something else.

The concept brings out the real them.

Ben Ben (They say it means ‘dumb’ in Mandarin; Kris is actually one, an adorable one), Odult (Sehun wants to be badly called one, because he claims he’s grown up), Xia Lu (from Lu Han’s Xiao Lu, and the deviation to ‘Xia’ means blind – he’s with closed eyes in the teaser), Su Go Gi (This is Tao’s fault; he didn’t know how to say ‘Taurus’ in Korean so he called Baekhyun ‘Beef/Cow’ which came to this) Joonma (Another of Suho’s many nicknames; which was first mentioned on one of the member’s birthday parties) XingXing (Lay’s adorable, cute self), Kkamjong (We all know it’s Kai), Park Do-bi (Possibly comparing Chanyeol to that Harry Potter character?), Dyo (A cute way of saying D.O.), ChenChen (The cute nickname Kris calls Chen) and Mandoo (Korean version of Xiumin’s ‘Baozi’) – need I say more? It’s definitely the crazy EXO we all love.

Moreover, I knew it was all real when several SNS vehicles: Facebook, Twitter. Weibo – all SME’s official ones, were updated with these two photos. It was real. It was definitely real. And I could do was put my hands over my lips and try my best to stiffle all the ugly squealing that was struggling to come out. My fingers were my salvation, although they hurt at the end of the day for too much keyboard-smashing. Tears were brimming in my eyes and in the end, I could not control it. I knew I wanted to scream and cry and laugh. EXO was coming back, at last. It was just that single thought that put a smile on my face, finally, after a long time.


According to SM Entertainment, starting tomorrow, individual teasers are going to be released one by one. On the 28th, EXO will fly to Beijing for a album release press conference. And perhaps, to Seoul the next day; nothing’s been confirmed yet, regarding that. Nevertheless, hints saying that EXO might release 4 MVs (2 for EXO M and 2 for EXO K – the usual, like they did before) that ‘Wolf’ is the title track and there’s another which will probably be something lighter (to match the XOXO Hugs and Kisses concept); as well as EXO might promote as a whole group for the first few months and later as sub-units. Caps from the BTS (or even the MV itself) of supposedly ‘Wolf’ or ‘Let Out The Beast’ were also leaked and as gorgeous and as handsome they may seem, I’d rather not share it anymore simply because they were just leaked (And don’t tell me the damage has been done so I should share. I’d rather not add fuel to the fire). So many speculations, because the rumors in this fandom never end. I can understand, though, because everyone’s been left with nothing to anticipate until today.

And then these photos of the boys preparing for the comeback came out.



Again, they’re not mine. 

My closest friends and I – we’ve never been happy until today. We met up, we chatted, we laughed, we cursed, we cried and we felt the excitement going up by the minute. Hours passed by, the day basically flew. Up until now, I still don’t feel hunger or any need to move out from my seat in front of my computer. Why else? We’re happy right now. I am happy. And nothing, absolutely nothing else matters right now. It’s just EXO, my EXO friends, EXO’s comeback and EXO’s album that matters.




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