Meaningful Meanings

Today is another meaningful day; and another meaningful day is a day of thoughts needed to be penned down virtually.

As much as we have been expecting it, we were caught off guard when the screens finally affirmed that these boys are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

This win meant not just a skyrocketing popularity – but a successful stepping out from the shadows of what most regard as a degrading industry when idols debut every day, each lacking artistry and possessing only mediocre abilities and so-called talents with constructed looks. EXO did not only win the music show today – they also won the battle against prejudices and biases.

And it wasn’t a win that was baseless – for weeks the XOXO albums have killed the charts, the songs have been downloaded across the seas, the performances watched by thousands around the world. In addition, during the show itself, fans all over the world joined efforts to search ‘EXO’ in naver portals, under an hour making it reach more than a million searches. Yes, SM catapulted them to become ‘super rookies,’ but it was the fans’ devotion and support, and the members’ hard work and passion that keep them soaring after being launched. Yes, it’s true that bearing the name of SM helped them get the attention of most, but it was their talents that kept those eyes hooked on them. And yes, it was SM that gave them the wonderful songs and breathtaking performance, but it was their voices and bodies that brought these prose and concepts to life. And yes, being in SM secures a future, but the present was only achieved because of the past efforts and struggles each member had to experience just to get in to SM.

Suho cried during his acceptance/thank you speech on behalf of EXO. It wasn’t an aesthetic cry, but it was humanly. The young leader of EXO K has always been presenting his beautiful sides to the fans – always trying his best to hide the ones that might possibly scratch the glass that protects the perfection he’s always been trying to show. Nevertheless, I loved him more for that, and I’m sure most will agree. It was new side of him, of Kim Joonmyeon. Kai cried until the end of the fansigning event that followed the broadcast and the win, baring his everything to the fans he’s been thanking so much (and if only he could plant his forehead on the ground in gratitude, he would have). Confirming to everyone that yes, he is EXO’s dancing machine, EXO’s ‘seduction prince,’ but he is still a boy, a young man, who very much still can’t believe that his dreams are coming true in front of his very eyes. The remaining members putting every effort in the world to show bright smiles while their eyes show waterfalls that threaten to fall, beads of sweat running on their foreheads as they struggle to keep their hearts in check – giving their members pats on the backs and the fans their deepest and sincerest gratitude. All these wonderful actions on a simple announcement of a win, with a manmade trophy. But to EXO and us fans, this is an announcement of a history made, a fate determined, a new road to take; accompanied by a concrete proof that we have done it – we have achieved a humble achievement that will motivate for bigger ones.

Today is a meaningful day. A day full of meanings. And here’s to wishing more days of meanings to come. Congratulations, EXO family. This win, is for everyone.



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