Exquisitely One-of-a-Kind

This entry is a piece I wrote for my Online Journalism course in College. I decided to re-post this on my personal blog, because I believe it’s one of the best essays I’ve written during my student years.

This young woman I’m about to talk to you about, she’s one of a kind.

She had the most unique eyes that can only be hers and no one else’s – But she’s not Elizabeth Taylor. She had an overflowing charisma that no one else had – But she’s not Marilyn Monroe. She was fierce and could take on a man’s duty – But she is no way near Mulan. She could write pieces that could take readers to many places – but she wasn’tJane Austen. She has a voice that could move even the hardest hearts – But she is definitely not Barbra Streisand. She could bust a move and report to the dance floor – But I’m not talking about Madonna. She was known for her unflinching display of her personality – But of course, she’s not Princess Diana, either. She had a heart for the unfortunate – But she is not Sister Theresa.

So, who exactly is this young jewel we’re talking about right now? I don’t have an answer to that either. All I know is she existed more than 100 years ago; and that she’s not me. But at the same time, she’s a part of me.

More than 100 years ago, 1/3 of my being existed to be one of a kind.

Cassandra was a part of a warm family; she had a protective but caring mother, a loving father, who perhaps spoiled her a bit too much and an older brother who served as her guardian. Vien was her mother, sister and best friend; Edward was her father and Knight-in-Shining Armour and Rafael was her brother and partner-in-crime. She owned 5 little best friends: Erhos, Min, Yunnie, Miki and Shia; best friends that go jump on her whenever she comes home from wherever she went to. It was nice home to be at – for there were never cold nights, but there were never scorching days either. It was tropical, but it didn’t burn her skin for a bit. It was a warmness that made the blood run in happiness.

She wrote literary pieces for the sake of her passion and potential; she loved to sing and even the people around her loved her voice whenever melodies come out of her lips every morning.

She had friends who stayed by her side through thick and thin – they laugh and cry at life’s little joys and hardest hardships; and be with each other at each one’s events. They were inseparable. Vien was strict with her – she wasn’t allowed to spend so much time outside, but Cassandra knew she just wanted to make sure she was safe at all times. Edward, on the other hand, gave her all the things she wanted, which resulted in distasteful spoiled attitude, but everyone knew it was only because he wanted to give the best to her. She had a brother who every young woman in the village talked about, because of his looks and charisma, and Cassandra even had to shoo them out of their fences. He annoyed her most of time – made fun of her works and underestimated every young man she crushed on; but he was always there to knock some sense into her and also knock the souls out the people who hurt Cassandra.

The next woman I’m going to talk to you about is exquisite in her own ways.

She had fierce eyes that made even the strongest of hearts flinch – But I’m telling you, she’s not the future Alice ala Resident Evil. She could direct the sharpest words that can pierce anyone’s armour – But believe it or not, she’s not the future Hera. Her wits can outsmart the greatest talker the world will ever have – But I promise she’s not the reincarnation of Cleopatra. Vanity is like a part of her – But she’s not the real Cassiopeiaeither. She can bust moves that can make the most immobile jaws hang – But without any doubts, she’s not Madonna’s apprentice. Deep inside, she’s one-of-a-kind, but of course she’s not Cassandra.

But she’s related to me and Cassandra, surely.

100 years from now, you’ll definitely meet Luna.

Lunais exquisite – she exhibits qualities that are both feminine and masculine. Her beauty lies in her personality – not in her appearance, although she’d like that. She knows how powerful her personality is, and it’s a bad and a good thing.

Like Cassandra, Luna is born in a warm family, but a bit different from the former. Luna’s mother, Vivi, heads the home – and like her, she’s also headstrong. Luna got her personality from Vivi. Vivi is strict towards Luna, stricter than Vien will ever be to Cassandra. At times, Luna confuses her mother’s negative ways of showcasing her love and it results to so much heated arguments. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, they’re still hand by hand against the world. Luna’s father passed away when she was still young; her mother remarried afterwards. Elliot, Vivi’s second husband grew into Luna immediately. It looks hard to believe that the two aren’t actually blood related because they relate so good with each other. Unlike Cassandra, Luna is an only child. What completes the family is a dozen of purring friends that go by the names Fanfan, Sho, Becky, Krongie, Eggie, Shing, Deerie, Taco, Donut, Sese, Shenni and Bunnie.

Luna loves music above all. And she loves to dance to it. She’s not the best dancer the world will ever know, but her passion radiates from every move she makes at the dance floor. But Luna’s not that easy – she only dances to the music she appreciates. The people around her applaud her for the efforts she makes to change her fate – from an awkward person who has stage fright to a completely passionate person when the music starts.

Her friends are her source of laughter. Luna doesn’t smile just to anyone – she smiles only for those people whom she believes deserve her smile. There’s no grey area to Luna – either she likes you or not. And it’s not very easy to impress her. She judges people at first meeting; and it’s very rare that her impression of a person changes in time. Everything’s negative, but ask her friends and they’ll answer you differently. Luna is a warm person – but she’s a hard nut to crack. Only when you manage to break that shell that the precious someone inside breaks free.

Luna is like the complete opposite of Cassandra – like Heaven and Earth; like the Sun and the Moon and like Gods to Aliens. But they’ve both lived or will live their lives on their own time.

Cassandra and Luna – exquisitely one-of-a-kind young women.

And they’re both me. More than half of my being. The fillers of my journey throughout everlasting life.


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