As Time Passes By, We Are Still Here [Letter for EXO’s 2nd Anniversary]

Photo Credits: @EXOCastle on Twitter
Photo Credits: @EXOCastle on Twitter

More than 700 days. 24 months. 2 years. 12 young men. 2 sub-units. 1 group. Millions of fans all over the world. But all these figures, are just but pieces of forever. Chapters of your history.

The first year has been rough for us – for you 12, and for us, the then thousands of supporters who followed you. We were subject to hate, prejudices, biases, and blind criticism. All the glamour wrapped around your bodies did not shield you from the harsh words of some, and the heavy hands of those who wanted to hurt you. The thick and expensive clothing you wore did not shield you from the rain and the heat. And even us, who if only, wanted to use our bodies to block every piercing stare people who did not like you threw at you, weren’t enough.

You were brothers separated by distance, and even though you were together, you felt alone in different worlds. You flew from here to there, even though your wings weren’t that strong yet. We just stood there and witnessed, with only words of love and encouragement – because it was the only thing we could do. When you first won recognition, we cried with you. If only we could wipe all those tears that came out from your eyes, we would have. And the feelings escalated to something more amazing and wonderful. We were proud of you.

You braved through all adversaries and came back stronger. But still, the pain remained. You can never please everybody, they say. but despite all, you told your own fairy tale – and this time, more people listened. You earned your first recognition in your local base, and you cried. Again, all we could do was cry with you. We may look ugly and childish to some – but a child’s emotions are purer after all – and we wouldn’t mind going back to childhood, where everything was colors and rainbows. Again, you came back, and this time, no one could deny your presence. You became a force to be reckoned with, and no one dared stand your way. And still, we were there, in front of you, on your sides, on your back – carrying proud flags. We are your lovers, your friends, your brothers and sisters, your parents, your soldiers. And we would clear the path for you as you make your history a notable piece no one will dare refuse to read.

We spend merry seasons with you. We spent storms and sunny days. We spent jolly summers, and solemn winters. We spent our nights and days with you. And even if we’ll never hold each other’s hands literally, we were more than just idol and fans. We were friends. We help you achieve your dreams, and you fill our lives with simple joys such as looking forward to a performance everyday. It may be absurd to some, but to us, who value simple happiness each day – it is but a blessing to smile every waking morning and sleeping night.

We don’t know what the future may hold for us, but all we know is that we’re getting stronger. You 12, but young men who one day dreamt of shiny clothes and bright stages, and us, who once perhaps never knew of your existence – to the now you, young men who are still dreaming of grander stages, and us, who came to know and support you. I’m sure, years from now, we’ll still be like this.

Happy 2nd Anniversary, EXO. And here’s to more years to come.


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