Getting In-touch with Life at AVILON ZOO

‘Celebrating Life’ with our unique friends.

A visit to Avilon Zoo is just like a visit to a childhood friend you haven’t seen in a long time. More than just a large zoological park in the country – which boasts a 7.5 hectare reach, Avilon is home to more than 3000 species of animals – among which are endangered and rare. And more than being a home to some of the planet’s treasures, the park also houses one of the most precious feelings we might have lost as we grew up and met the challenging world: pure love for these fellow living creatures.

Situated in the valley of Barrio San Isidro, Rodriguez, Avilon Zoo can be quickly accessed from the buzzing city – perfect for a quick getaway without sacrificing too much time and money. What makes this place particularly appealing, are its diverse exhibits of both flora and fauna – a wide representation of life not only in the Philippines, but also of Asia and the world. From the walkers of the lands, to the swimmers of the waters, and the navigators of the skies – visitors will surely find a tour inside the park both a learning and adventurous experience. Here, adventurers can find exotic members of the wildlife such as the white tiger.

Little guy munching on a treat.

The park is divided into different attractions, categorized according to habitat. One of the most popular ones would be the Farmland, where guests can avail close encounters with farm animals such as goats and ponies. Some in-house animals can be feed and photographed, with food and hard copies bought at low prices ranging from 40PHP – 50PHP. The kids or young goats can even be bottle-fed with milk, for a more one-of-a-kind adventure young ones and young-at-hearts will surely find enjoyable. The newest attractions include the newly-added baby giraffes, bears and Blackbucks (Antelopes).

One-of-a-kind friend.

Avilon Zoo first opened its doors to the public in 2005. For 400PHP and 300PHP for adults and children, respectively, visitors can get an inside look of how animals behave in a makeshift, close-to-life habitats; and how diverse life on Earth is. Avilon Zoo is also a member of the Southeast Asian Zoos Association, and is also known for housing breeding and veterinary schools to raise awareness about preservation of life.

See more photos here. Please don’t mind the selfies, though!


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