In Each of Our Own Flights

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What is a sky without the sun, the moon, the stars, the clouds – and birds flying free? Before, I look at the sky and I see you as its entirety – you were limitless, your were invincible. You were king, you were queen. You were above there, and you were on top. But it was just the sky and nothing else. It is only now, that I see birds flying, the sun warming up the world, the moon illuminating every earthly contour, and the stars decorating everything above me that I realized, the sky has never been this alive. I look around me, and I see colors everywhere, too – the crust of the earth like expensive fabric.

For weeks I sat with the grass blades; looking in front of me as of waiting for something, or someone to appear. I knew the people weren’t there because they all had somewhere they wanted to go; I knew the sun wasn’t there because it was night, and when the sun was there, the moon wasn’t because it was day. The birds, too – had their own schedules; their own flights. You had, too – and I couldn’t see you anymore. But being alone encouraged me to find my purpose as well; I knew I couldn’t be just sitting there. There had to be a reason why it was day; because the moon needed to rest. There had to be a reason why it was night; because the sun needed to charge. Just as there had to be a reason why you’re indirectly giving me this time off.

The first thing I did, as you left, was to finally take that most drastic, dangerous, but much-needed move to find my own reason. That time I thought, you left the sky dull because you were preparing to illuminate it much brighter than before; and I had to be ready when that time comes. That time I thought, that if you were flying somewhere, it must be time for me to take flight, too. It doesn’t matter if we took the same flight or not –  as long as we were both flying, and flying freely. So I pursued the course I’ve been thinking of taking for the longest time; not thinking any more about the off-times I will lose. You probably won’t be showing up in the skies anytime soon anyway, so I knew it was my chance. I left my comfort zone, and went to the nearest cliff to jump – and spread my own wings.

After weeks of flying in each of own flights, we meet again under the same sky. I see you’ve returned bringing with you the cultures you learned from that place only you knew. But I also noticed that your return also brought back the sun, the moon, and the stars. Your smiles were warmer than that of sunlight; your glow rivaled that of the moonlight. Your dazzle and charm, was envied even by the stars. And your wings were fuller. Your return, I returned with my own fuller smiles and more dazzling aura. Because like you, I have also returned – but this time, with my own contribution to the more beautiful picture we once left dull. I brought with me colors of the earth, and fabric of the lands. Suddenly, our return from each of our own flights brought more life to the skies we were once contented seeing as something that’s above. Now the skies show us, a place full of freedom – freedom from restrictions from others, and restrictions from our own selves. Now the sun, moon and stars can come and go. Us, too, can fly whenever we want.

What would the skies look without the sun, the moon, and the stars? I can’t remember anymore. All I see and remember are lights, birds, music, and colors. And souls flying each of their own flights – flights they chose for themselves, flights they wanted for themselves, and flights that resemble their true selves: free men.


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