Thoughts Up On The Sky [A Letter to TSTL, My Family]

Our Home.
                          Our Home.

Two years ago, 08.12.2012, angels from Earth graced the sky.

Seven months ago, 01.09.2014, I was reborn with a vibrant voice I never thought I’d have.

Now what do these two phenomena had in common, you ask?

That vibrant voice I gained, was given to me by those angels. And today, I’d lend my voice to them, in celebration of their deeds.

Each one of us, as but tiny significances of life in a vast galaxy of beings, even as united by a purpose or passion, all have desires to do something that is larger than our own significance. To make a mark, or to be of contribution. Even as liking and following a single individual who isn’t blood-related, is enough of a purpose to make a change. Fan kingdoms have always been larger than life, and in every parts of the world, there is a tiny significance in a form of a single fan. But how does one star, find the mega cluster or the galaxy it belongs to, and can home to, in vast oceans of distance and uncertainty?

That is one when a few with passion and desire to make a change came together one day. These few, angels from Earth, came from all parts of the big world, defied distance and time, to create a single voice that could reach out to everyone who before struggled to understand. Their purpose was simple, it was unity. These angels from Earth cherished the same being the tiny significances from all over globe did; and they wanted nothing more but to turn that devotion to one larger than life, bigger than distance, more powerful than time. And so, TSTL, The Sky’s The Limit, was born on August 12, 2012.

Kris Wu was like clouds, always moving from one place to another, sometimes disappearing, and appearing without warning. His existence was like the wind, and it can never be grasped with the bare hands. TSTL, the angels from Earth, took it upon themselves to build clearer eyes for everyone who failed to catch a glimpse of him, and larger hands who understood his meaning. Functioning in different times, from different geographies – diligently, passionately, TSTL delivered what was one unreachable to those who did not speak Kris’ language, who have yet to meet him personally, and who have yet to fully get to know him – in every doorstep. TSTL acted as a bridge from one world to another, a translator from one tongue to another, and lastly, a friend to one another. Suddenly, the world became smaller, the distance between stars became bearable, and tiny significances all became huge forms of life. And moreover, gone were nothingness and enigma.

For two years TSTL worked from delivering personal mails of information, to channeling love to those who needed it, to building relationships and bonds that would go beyond Kris Wu. And it was only after two years, that my tiny of a significance, was reborn to a more significant one – when TSTL found me. Sure, I always had a voice in everything, but it was only after I met these angels from Earth, that my voice had reached and delivered its points to those who once never heard them. Sure, I always wrote my thoughts, and received praises and claps even before. But it was only now, that my thoughts became so elated that they’re up there in the sky.

Suddenly, for me, I wanted nothing else after, but to continue being a vibrant voice who contributed to the mission these wingless angels from Earth entrusted me with. I can perhaps give up other missions just for this one, because this one serves the best purpose.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m happy, to answer a question. And that’s one of the reasons why I am strong right now, too. The sky darkened once while we delivered our dedication to each fan around the world, but flying side by side these angels who managed to bring out a new side to me, the sky never stayed dark. And I’m sure, everyone who has received your blessing, thought so, too. Just as how you always went by with the thought that it is only that sky that is limitless, when in actually, the sky never ends, the mission never ends as well, so matter how drastic the weather changes.

And I’m sure, it will go on until the sky itself is the one that ceases to exist.

Happy Birthday, TSTL, my family. These are my thoughts about you, which have been up in the sky for the longest time. I’m delivering them to you.


– Angel / wingsofeternity 


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