[140813] Wu Yi Fan Struts Down With Custom Virgil Abloh

In light of the culmination of his acting debut, ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 Somewhere Only We Know’ filming in Prague, Czech Republic, Wu Yi Fan updates his fans on his recent adventures on his Instagram account – walking down the street wearing an exclusively-made ensemble by none other than one of his favorite designers – Virgil Abloh.

With Custom Virgil Abloh (Photo Credits: Wu Yi Fan's Instagram - @galaxy_fanfan)
With Custom Virgil Abloh (Photo Credits: Wu Yi Fan’s Instagram – @galaxy_fanfan)

Late afternoon, Beijing time, on August 13th, Wu uploaded a photo on his personal Instagram account (also dubbed as his personal lookbook due to his fondness of posting his fashionable adventures on the said platform) a photo of himself walking in the streets, strutting down an all-Red ensemble of a pullover, jeans, and sneakers. The caption which came with the photo, read ‘Thank you @virgilabloh for this amazing custom made piece. #offwhite’ – addressing an interesting information. The ensemble, as implied, was a present given to him by Off White designer Virgil Abloh – a specific brand Wu has been wearing for the longest time.

Prior to the post, Wu has long been sporting Off White pieces – from pullovers to pants, even during his idol career. His proud snaps wearing the brand, has caught the attention of Off White designer himself, Virgil Abloh, hence the interactions the two made on Instagram. Abloh would ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on photos of Wu wearing his masterpieces, and fans knew it would only be a matter of time when the two finally share their fashion interests. Predictions, theories, and assumptions came to an end on the 13th when Wu himself confirmed, through the capture of the all-red ensemble, that he has, finally, established a relationship with one of his favorite designers.

(Photo Credits: @我们的街拍时刻 on Weibo)
(Photo Credits: @我们的街拍时刻 on Weibo)
(Photo Credits: @我们的街拍时刻 on Weibo)

The ensemble consisted of an allover embellished pullover – still with the classic Off White prints on the sleeves and back; as well as a pair of skinny jeans and kicks. The embellishments on the top, as well as the monogrammed ‘KRIS’ on the waistband of the jeans, were made with Swarovski crystals – which added to the stunning finish of the set. In the fashion world, custom-made pieces don’t always come for everyone, which assured that Wu has made ripples in the eyes of a designer. The custom-made ensemble also caught the eye of fashion authority, ‘Our Moments of Street Style’ (@我们的街拍时刻 on Weibo), re-posting photos of closer look of the set on their Weibo account. Virgil Abloh, who seemed to always have his eyes on where his pieces go, also ‘liked’ and ‘commented’ on the Wu’s post. The custom set was said to have been made for Wu Yi Fan three months prior to posting.

Off White c/o of Virgil Abloh is an ambitious brand with core production in Europe, with the aim of creating sophisticated and modern pieces for men and women. Heavily-influenced by street style, the RTW brand designs to combine consideration for comfort and style. Aside from leading his own line, Virgil Abloh is also known as one of Kanye West’s Creative Directors. Abloh also collaborated with brand Hood By Air with regards to graphics, and also worked on a limited line of printed shirts and shorts called ‘Pyrex Vision.’

Wu Yi Fan has always been known to have passion towards the breathtaking world of fashion. The idol-actor has always been openly speaking of his desires to one day create a label of his own, and has spent every chance he could to showcase his own style, hence the ‘fashion king’ label. During his time in Europe in the midst of his filming, Wu met with ‘County of Milan’ designer Marcelo Burlon – another of his favorite designers, and Levi Coltof – a fashion guru and commercial director.


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