Father and Daughter, Unlike Any Other.

Hey dad. We are celebrating father’s day here on Earth today. Unlike most of the daughters and sons all over the world, I don’t have a photo of us I can post on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Unlike them also, I don’t have the chance to place my lips against your cheeks, wrap my arms around your shoulders, or send melodies of love to your ears. But fear not, that doesn’t mean I can’t tell everyone on every Social Networking Site there is that you are my father, or kiss you, or embrace you, or tell you I love you. In fact, there are more ways for me – because even in my dreams, I can spend time with you.

There are times I envy those who still get large hands wrapped around theirs; who can still call supermen to their sides anytime whenever someone hurts them. But I always console myself that you are always there, holding my hand, banishing any evil presence that threatens to harm me, through your own, mysterious ways. Unlike most, I only have vague memories of you and I together, but never mind. I only need one piece of memory to be able to recall vividly – that is, the memory of the time you called me your ‘baby girl.’ That is enough to last me a wonderful memory of a father for a lifetime.

Dad, Happy Father’s Day. And Happy Birthday. We’ve been through hell together before, and I look forward to the time we’ll be in heaven together, someday. I love you always.


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