Reverie Series Part IV: Touch

That touch, it felt so real.

It’s been a long time since we last saw each other again in this imaginary world. this imaginary world controlled by the deepest and innermost of my emotions.

To be quite honest, the story wasn’t supposed to be about you. It was supposed to be about me and a friend in need. But just how I can never escape these emotions I felt for you, I can’t escape how this piece of the story goes as well; like a pre-determined ending that has no alternatives.

He was crying to me, and I was offering my shoulders to help guide the liquids to tinkle down on me – if it can only lessen the pain. He agreed that having shoulder to pass the burden is better than having none, so he cried on me. I struggled to raise my hands despite the pressure and weight, to help wipe his tears.

But for some reason, my hands didn’t come to him. Instead, it made contact with the cheeks owned by the person who sat in front of us. I stood up and walked towards that person – and that person, looked up at me, as my hands found their way to his cheeks. Wiping the liquid that tinkled down from those orbs I loved more than anything else in this world, my thumb made contact with that soft skin. I saw my reflection in his eyes – the eyes of the person I loved the most.

That person was you.

Meanwhile, in the real world, I would choose you over sleep.


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