Reverie Series Part VI: Always Been an Angel

Mindless of the alarms of reality ringing endlessly by my ears, I was drowned in talks with you, refusing to give in to every minute that passes. Maybe I knew I had to get-up, because the real world was calling me, beckoning me to return. But maybe, I didn’t, or wouldn’t. There were only a few reasons why I wake up late: it’s either I was attacked by my long time enemy, insomnia, or I was sleeping so soundly.

Soundly sleeps only meant they had you in them.

It’s been a long time since we last had our last talk. It was during the time when everything else was still doing well, when the only pain I felt was not being able to see you whenever I please. Time after that, I became too busy at night crying to even dream. You were goner than you were ever gone, and suddenly, it was getting harder to reach you. You left the best chance, the best area, the best spot my eyes could catch you; and now I’m not so sure when I’ll see you again. Top that with losing that connection in my dreams, again.

But last night we saw each other there again. So I found myself not wanting to break free from the dream.

It was a rather simple one. Just talks, and something extraordinary.

I stared in your hair for too long; relishing the cuts and shaves. Only the center had lush abundance, the sides bared your scalp. It’s one of the hairstyles I didn’t like, but like at the same time. You could say I had a love-hate relationship with this one. Your attire consisted of a simple, white button down shirt. Black pants, black kicks, and a snapback that played in your hand. Nevertheless, you were an angel. 

Then you noticed I was staring too strong and long. I noticed, too. 

I shifted the subject to something else, something stupid – obviously not knowing what to make of the conversation. It had been a long time since we last sat down and talked to each other, after all. 

‘How tall are you, anyway?’

Stupid question. Of course the answer had to be obvious. 

Since nothing was very much happening, we both stepped in outside – and was greeted by the dark sky. Mindless conversations, too much staring, too much awkwardness in the air led to us staying until nighttime? Now that was extraordinary. You put on your snap back.

We crossed the road, as if the night sky was enough of  a reason to go home. Of course I didn’t want to part, yet. There were so many things I wanted to catch up on with you, but stupid me didn’t have the words. So again, I mustered my courage to summon the stupidest questions once again. 

‘What will you ride to get home?’

Sensing perhaps you didn’t need to push it, you answered. 

‘A bus. The bus directly drops me off my stop’

‘Oh I see. Do you need to ride now?’ Deep in my heart, I prayed for you to say no. 

‘Nope, I’ll wait for you to hop on a ride first. Just to make sure’


Awkward again. What was wrong with us? 

Minutes passed. Awfully long minutes. 

‘I think we have to go back to the cafe. There aren’t any vehicles and it’s getting late. It’s best we’re indoors’

‘I think so too’ Slash that, I’d love that. 

Upon returning to the gates of the cafe, something caught my attention. A little figure struggling to move lay in front of my feet,

‘Wait, we have to help the poor thing!’

You always knew I had that soft spot for animals, so you just smiled and crouched down in front of the small cat. For some reason, the little friend had burns all over her body, and it was crying desperately. I felt tears welling up my eyes, while you try to touch it with utmost care.

‘What can we do?’

You looked up to me with sad eyes. You didn’t need to tell me the words.

‘Who would have done this kind of thing to the poor cat?’

You looked down on the small, crying figure once again. You gave it a soft stroke on the head and for the first time, it purred like it wasn’t hurt. but we both knew time was running out.

‘…what do we do?’ I sounded like a pathetic school girl. But I appreciated you understood.

‘Give me a piece of cloth’

Without thinking, because I trusted you so much, I handed over a handkerchief. Carefully, you lifted up the poor, little friend and wrapped her gently.

‘Follow me’

At the back of the cafe, there was a clearing. A vacant lot bedded with grass blades. We stood side by side, looking up the night sky, with the dying cat in your large hands.

‘What you’re about to see, I hope it won’t change anything between us’

I wasn’t scared. I was calm. Like I knew what was going to happen. Why was that? Shouldn’t I have widened my eyes in question and turn my head towards you like they always do in dramas? But I never spared you a glance, and just nodded. Just like that. What was happening? What was going to happen?

Suddenly, your snap back fell, and your hair changed to the longer locks I always loved best on you. No longer did the shaved side came into view, because your hair became lush and abundant in all places. The wind caressed them, and suddenly, I wanted to become the wind. Just when I thought you couldn’t anymore be magical,  silver wings dancing in the moonlight grew from your back. 

And still, I was calm. 

I watched as your wings flapped, and as you strong arms caged the poor cat you were holding in your arms. You held it strong against your body, but warm at the same time. You were embracing it. Just then, it was wrapped in golden, warm luminescence, as it gave out a soft ‘meow.’ A ‘meow’ that wasn’t in pain, a ‘meow’ that sounded like a thanks. For the first time that night, it sounded happy and free. Then I watched as you brought it up to the sky, as both of you flew to the sky. Then and there, I realized what you did. You set it free. 

I sat on the grass watching both you, and the cat’s soul dance in the sky. You had that bright, gummy smile I always loved best. I think I was calm because I always knew that this was going to happen. 

Of course, I always knew you were an angel. You have always been an angel. 

I had to get up after that. It was another sad parting, but the ending made me feel like there’s ‘see you later.’

A sound sleep, after a very long time.


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