A Warm Shower

I threw up all my disgust – all my loathing for myself today. I threw up all the bile I’ve been holding back since morning. All the foul words for myself I forced to digest since the day started.

Reverie Series Part VI: Always Been an Angel

The wind caressed them, and suddenly, I wanted to become the wind. Just when I thought you couldn’t anymore be magical, silver wings dancing in the moonlight grew from your back.

Reverie Series Part V: Only Seeing You

Every tune that came out of my lips, were professions of love for you who smiled endearingly there in the audience. Every vibration is a signal of my emotions; every twirl and spin – a tribute to you. Whatever I did there with my heart, it was all for you. And all potentials, my strength, my power, my everything – it was all for you. And I was invincible.